Friday, November 22, 2019
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Dancing Indigenous Resistance to Big Oil on Native Lands

Not just water, land, air being violated. Women are being murdered. That's why we're activists. That's why we dance.

Michael Moore: Earth-Rattling Political Force No Longer?

With "Fahrenheit 11/9," the Oscar-winning documentarian is no longer setting the discussion but reacting to it.

Water, Water Everywhere as Hundreds Dance Around the World

Dance activists of all ages took to water in 108 sites around the world.

In 2017, Water Had Better Become Your Top Concern

Gloomy water projections, both globally and in U.S., show need for citizen action.

Your Wallet and Life Crave Water and Air

Do you believe air pollution and water scarcity will abate?

Water: Reports Point to Worldwide Problems

Peace also would help.

The World’s Chief Global Risk? Water Supply

The World Economic Forum and independent reports point to growing problems with water supply globally.

President Obama, Get Back In the Game!

Stop trying to win the game on your own.

Water as a Weapon of Bloody and Financial War

Either a deadly tool or a time bomb.

UN and US Water Concerns Increase

Global energy consumption, national drought and pollution: all strain water supply.

Ukraine: Where Politics and Economics Again Part Ways

For the past 60 years, the U.S. has invested more money in its global neighbors than in its own people.

The World’s Water: More Precious than Gold and Oil

Recent reports show concern for supply, seek solutions.

“The Butler” in Print Offers the Real Story

The movie abridges and over-simplifies the book's powerful story.

The Rising Specter of Privatizing Our Water

Nestlé, others want to make our vital resource a private financial source.

Water Supply: State of the World

Latest global developments regarding our vital natural resource.

Water Supply: Efforts to Act Locally and Globally

From Andover, MN to the WEF, citizens weigh our vital liquid.

Our Water Supply: Science, Industry Weigh the Future

Global reports range from wary to alarming.

Dwindling Water and You: Problems and Solutions

IBM traces a smarter government-management course for our precious resource.

Five Realities the Convention Speakers Wouldn’t Reveal

You'll have to make "leaders" face these vital issues.
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