Saturday, March 23, 2019
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Stop the GOP …From Peeing on the Constitution

Americans can’t enjoy the arts if they’re broke, jobless, sick or dead.

Thanks Hillary, But I’m Still Angry

"I didn't do this with blinders on. Yes, I knew she was flawed."

Don’t Hate: Third-Party Voters Speak Out

Says a Johnson voter, "The flubs show that long-term pot use is hurtful to the brain."

Greece’s Debt Battle: What’s the Real Story?

Here's a look at why Germany and other creditors don't want Greece to get out of its financial plight.

The Tempest, Not Tossed, of Ethan McSweeny

"Perpetual truths about human beings is one of the things that makes it a classic."

Oligarchy’s Sibling Rivals: the U.S. and Russia

Both Moscow and Washington claim to be growing democracies, but they're not. They're really oligarchies controlled by Big Money.

Filthy Rich, Getting Richer Filthy

What they call contributions the rest of us call bribes.

Whatever Eric’s Drinking, Send the Cabinet a Barrel

For that matter, send a barrel to the White House.

“This Town” – A Review of Mark Leibovich’s Washington Expose

This book's an amusing look at corruption that's not the least bit amusing.

The Kennedy Center Honors: Deliberately Anti-Latino?

If you believe the twin imperatives of merit and diversity are distinct, that is.
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