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Iraq, Afghanistan Cost U.S. $4 to $6 Trillion

Harvard study says invasions will result in long-term debt-servicing costs.

5 Questions: Desiree Sanchez Models Her Modern “Herakles”

"Herakles mistakenly kills his children but thinks he is killing the children of his enemy."

Native American Art Exhibit Recalls Dakota War of 1862

Twenty American Indian artists' works relive the Minnesota conflict on its 150-year anniversary.

Holocaust Theatre Archive Conference Attracts Live Experts

Two sessions in Miami to bolster the Holocaust Theater Archive effort.

Libya, the Invasion Continuum, and Us

Congress has no Constitutional right to abdicate to the executive branch its power to declare and wage war.

DADT Repealed = Army Strong. Are You Sure?

You take an oath to serve your country, not yourself.

Will the U.S. Indict the Wikileaks Leader?

What could be looming is a decade of real digital revolution involving the public's right to know.

Stoning, Honor Killings and Lady Gaga

Muslim nations not only disrespect female empowerment, they fear it, punish it and try to destroy it.

Flotilla, Schmotilla

It's amazing how many New York Jews fall prey to a left-wing ideology -- one that, if practiced in Israel, would lead to its destruction.

Muslims Return to the Scene of the Crime?

Wake up, America! They're using our own system against us.

Tea Party Is the New Dirty Word, Part 2: Tea Baggers...

If you can't convince average Americans with your policy agenda, bully the credibility right out of them?

Lipstick Conservative I: To Capture or To Coddle?

Even the Brits have started to realize the insanity of NATO's rules of engagement.

Burke’s Law XVII: Knitting the Afghan War Together

Knowing have a president who understands we cannot have open-ended war gives me great comfort.

Bugliosi to Prosecute Bush for Murder? Seems…After the Fact

What would we gain by prosecuting George W. Bush for murder?

Arianna Huffington Thinks Joe Biden Should Resign. She’s Wrong.

What is Biden's idea for neutralizing a nuclear threat from Pakistan in terms of al Qaeda gaining access to weapons and then to their delivery?

Burke’s Law XIII: To Surge, With Love?

Sometimes I'm more scared of the Republicans than I am of the Taliban or al Qaeda.
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Herman Cain (and Republicans Unable)

And then there was Jerry Falwell, Jr., with his open pants, evangelical FUPA and his hands veering into prime side-boob territory with -- hey, doesn't she have a name?