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Oz Nashville’s Wonderful World of Arts

The new complex will be the home of multi-disciplinary "Brave New Art."

Abstraction + Geometry = Abstractometry

Exhibition shows the power of abstract images to evoke pure, intense emotional responses.

Fashion Fights the Tyranny of the Cloud

Designer Rachael Reichert blends fashion and film in a cautionary tale.

Art is Alive (and Growing)

Bacteria as not only friend, but art supply.

Detroit, Deaccession and the Cultural Role of Museums

A museum collection is more than the sum of its artworks.

Trayvon Martin, David Hammons and How to Think About Hoods

Racists harping on hoodies need to STFU and learn something from art.

On TV, Ovation Pushes Action, Airtime and Applause

On the trail of America's arts network: CFR commentary and Q&A with the COO.

How Much is Bea Arthur in the Window?

Stories about flashy, big-money art sales are the Nancy Grace of arts reporting.

Opera Europa, the Boys’ Choir, and Vivid Art

A grand conference, a new theater, and two controversial artists highlight Vienna's current culture.

The CIA and Manipulation of Art

The Undercover Crew has utilized paintings from '50s to today.

Mining Google Street View for Art

Jon Rafman exhibits expressive images found in Google Street View.

Really? That Dress? In Front of That Wallpaper?

Vuillard exhibition at the Jewish Museum focuses on his patrons and muses.

About That Art Party Whose Name The New York Times Won’t...

An institutional failure of postmodern imagination.

Is Life “Better With Art”? Poster Competition Says Yes

Submit a poster that addresses the theme, "Life is better with art in it."

Europe’s Art-Tax Mystery

The EU socked a high tax on artwork and declared it isn't art. The EU's press office says no decision exists.

The Most Interesting Person Famous for Uninteresting Things

Everything he does feels like a show.
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