Monday, August 19, 2019
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Breathing in Brittania

"Because I am an expatriate, I can begin to breathe."

How Do World Wars Ignite?

Long brooding and manipulation…then sudden sparks.

Confronting (Encouraging?) War in 2014

Growing threats to global stability mean more profits in arms sales.

The Coming Conflict over Santa’s Home

U.S., Russia, Canada, others crave the Arctic's oil, gas, and fresh water.

Look Who’s Used Chemical Weapons

Maybe both sides in Syria, but the U.S. for sure through history.

Obama’s Nemeses Grow: The Troika, and now the EU

China, Russia, Iran unite behind Syria while Europe fumes over US spying.

“Mali? Why?” We’ll Whisper

Is this landlocked West African country our next Viet-ghanistan?

Great Scott!

Look whose leading Republican governors crawling back to Obamacare.

Poetry in Motion? No, Art Posted to Assange

Two artists track web-camera snail mail to London's Ecuadorian embassy.

Dwindling Water and You: Problems and Solutions

IBM traces a smarter government-management course for our precious resource.

Why Ecuador REALLY Gave Assange Asylum

President Correa, the Ph.D. economist/politician, connects dots.

Iraq, Found Out, Delays Shutting Down Radio and TV Stations

Can the U.S. influence Prime Minister Al-Maliki's regime and help guarantee more press freedom?

What I Got Out of My Lunch with the New NEA...

In June 2018, President Trump appointed Mary Anne Carter to be Acting Chair of the National Endowment for the Arts. The press at the...
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