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Islamic Militants and the Cockroach Effect

You will try in vain to stomp, smash, or squish the grotesque leathery shelled creature...but you will fail.

Our Government’s Abusive, Selective Rule of Law

Why Osama's son-in-law gets a fair trial and American citizens get droned to death.

“Mali? Why?” We’ll Whisper

Is this landlocked West African country our next Viet-ghanistan?

Death by Fiat

Washington appears ready to fell our Bill of Rights.

The Fog of Foreign Policy

The lame-stream media has covered the Libyan TERROR attacks with the enthusiasm of a drug addict forced into rehab.

NY Doesn’t Love Him

NYPD accused Takeshi Miyakawa of placing bombs, despite knowing he wasn't placing bombs.

Less Than Half of Wiretap Arrests Result in Convictions

"War on terror" wiretaps remain unreported to the American public who pays for them, and is included in surveillance.

“Don’t Touch My Junk” and Other Holiday Mantras

Talk about a great Secret Santa gift for that weird guy at your office who you just know is a big perv.

Nancy Pelosi, Jihad and Why I Never Wore Polyester

There was a reason for that question, Mr. President, leader of the free world.

The KSM Trial: The Farcical

Imagine tourists rushing from Ground Zero to look for better souvenirs in front of the U.S. Courthouse. How demoralizing.

Are Republicans Praying for Terrorist Attacks?

I almost believe an honest-to-God successful attack would really make Republicans ecstatic.

A Postcard to Never Never Land

It's frightening that the Obama Administration cannot comprehend the basic principle of Jihadism: Death to America.

The Decade to Think Big

While the Aughts saw much to be ashamed of, we also have much to be joyous about.

Lipstick Conservative I: To Capture or To Coddle?

Even the Brits have started to realize the insanity of NATO's rules of engagement.

Burke’s Law XVII: Knitting the Afghan War Together

Knowing have a president who understands we cannot have open-ended war gives me great comfort.

Bugliosi to Prosecute Bush for Murder? Seems…After the Fact

What would we gain by prosecuting George W. Bush for murder?

Arianna Huffington Thinks Joe Biden Should Resign. She’s Wrong.

What is Biden's idea for neutralizing a nuclear threat from Pakistan in terms of al Qaeda gaining access to weapons and then to their delivery?

Burke’s Law XIII: To Surge, With Love?

Sometimes I'm more scared of the Republicans than I am of the Taliban or al Qaeda.

To the Performers in Grozny: There But For the Grace of...

Where were the performers when the bomb went off?
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Herman Cain (and Republicans Unable)

And then there was Jerry Falwell, Jr., with his open pants, evangelical FUPA and his hands veering into prime side-boob territory with -- hey, doesn't she have a name?