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Everyone Say It With Me: ‘Immigration Is Good For America’

Thank the exhausted, demonized human who did for you what most Americans won't do.

Republicans Reward the Rich by Blaming the Poor

And they're dead wrong in their oncoming war against federal spending on Social Security.

How Trump’s Tax Bill Will Screw the (Starving) Artist

Republicans prove their frothing hostility to anyone in any creative profession anywhere in America.

The Panama Papers, Philanthro-Capitalism and the Arts

Artists must not be made subservient to our oppressors by virtue of their money.

Good Missions for Arts Organizations

The "why" before the "what."

Does Commercial Broadway Need a Tax Break?

What a press release suggests about Broadway producing right now.

June in Vienna: Remembering WWI and a Music Festival

Political and art history meet new music in Vienna this summer.

Healthcare Profits, Not Benefits, Are the Problem

Tax cuts and defense spending are the real budget culprits.

German Art Galleries Block EU VAT Rise

Nation's culture minister also opposes 12% tax increase.

France Eyes Tech Tax to Fund Culture Content

Levy would affect any device connecting to Internet.

For Sale – Criminal Justice in America

Collection agencies are replacing publicly elected or appointed prosecutors, signaling return to debtors' prisons.

Europe’s Art-Tax Mystery

The EU socked a high tax on artwork and declared it isn't art. The EU's press office says no decision exists.

Ready to Kiss Charitable Deductions Goodbye?

As artists , what should we be willing to give up or sacrifice or live without? Anything?

Work for Theaters, Orchestras, Dance Troupes and Get Student Loans Forgiven?

Is working for a nonprofit theater company -- or orchestra, dance troupe or gallery -- "public service"?

Movement Seen for Tax-Break Plan for NYC Landlords Leasing Space to...

A proposed tax break for landlords who give "longer leases at below-market rates" to artists is gaining political momentum in Gotham.

What If Tax Incentives Fell Out of Favor?

Mayor Bloomberg, who spent two terms devoted to real estate development, now has to spike revenue by forcing films to pay thousands to shoot in public buildings.

5 Questions I’ve Never Been Asked: Jonathan Medows

Set aside about 35% of expected profit for taxes in a separate bank account and pay estimated taxes on time. This will avoid much suffering.

Forget the Shoddy Reporting: Will Michigan Join the Ticket-Tax Parade?

Ticket sellers have to stop crying wolf.

PA’s Terrible Ticket Tax: Does the Psychology of Economic Exceptionalism Hurt...

Of course Pennsylvania arts advocates are furious: they're being singled out, even punished, while Joe Six-Pack can watch a terrible movie without paying a surcharge on his ticket.

The Politics of Giving: Are All Charities — and Deductions —...

If charitable deductions for the arts are helpful, and charitable deductions for women's shelters and soup kitchens are not, should any of them be revoked?
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Herman Cain (and Republicans Unable)

And then there was Jerry Falwell, Jr., with his open pants, evangelical FUPA and his hands veering into prime side-boob territory with -- hey, doesn't she have a name?