Friday, October 18, 2019
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Steppenwolf Debuts Work by Miranda, Norris in ’16-’17 Season

Steppenwolf embraces the Dark Knight in a season of world premieres.

The Theater Industry Is the Problem With Theater

We are ignoring the elephant in the room.

When ISIS Gets Angry


Batman on His 75th Year of Busting Crime (and Gay Rumors)

I forget. Do straight people wear tights?

Captain America: Stars, Stripes and a Shield

One of America’s most iconic characters comes and goes with the times.

“Song of Spider-Man” Sings a Melancholy Tune

Glen Berger's book examines Julie Taymor's extravagant mediocrity.

Lynda Obst Spills Hollywood Insights

Tinseltown knowledgeable explains it all.

The True Power of Batman

Bruce Wayne is a 1%er with genuine concern for everyone else.

Comics About the Day the Towers Fell

Illustrated works will help make sure 9/11 is never forgotten.

Creature Feature Comforts

If dumb disaster porn guarantees success at the box office, up with failures like "Pacific Rim."

Through a PRISM Dark Knightly

Endless surveillance is at best a lateral move, not a move forward.

A Secret Identity Is the Last Thing You Need

Thanks, comics, for creating generations of people with a tendency toward multiple identity disorder.

Entertation Index, July 9-20: Schmocus Pocus

Dish on Batman (and physics!), Queen Latifah, LiLo, Hunger Games, Mr. David Lynch and so, so much more.

Entertation Index, Feb. 14-18: Atlas Slumped

And dish on Kevin Smith, Jamie Foxx, Fantasia Barrino and, of course, Lauren Conrad.

Entertation Index, Jan. 24-28: Cher and Cher Alike

And dish on George Clooney, Scott Disick, Nicki Minaj and, of course, Tara Reid.

For Huffington Post: Ensnaring Critics in the ‘Spider-Man’ Web

The whole idea that critics still operate in some lofty, rarefied universe is 1970 (or earlier) in its thinking.

For the Huffington Post: Will the Spider-Man Story Turn Off the...

We're as fascinated as we ever were by even the hope of watching excruciating pain.

Top 10 ‘Spider-Man’ Quotes, a Rant, and More

Where were all these screaming Mimis when Adrian Bailey fell 20 feet during "The Little Mermaid"?
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