Sunday, December 15, 2019
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Any Artist Would Be More Qualified Than Heather Nauert

For US Ambassador to the UN, that is. Let's get more artists into the Foreign Service.

How Katherine Dunham Embodied Activism (and What It Means Now)

As political polarization intensifies, the choreographer's legacy offers the dance world a template.

Next on SNL: Selling Drones to Terrorists!

The would-be terrorists start laughing.

War and Sex: Winning the Terrorism Battle

The war should have as much emphasis on psy-ops as on bullets and bombs.

Quasi-Legal Drones in the Game of Obamarama

What does “continued and imminent” mean?

A Journalist’s Concern about the Clintons

They began with brilliance and hope, but became consumed with power.

Benghazi vs The Entire Iraq Debacle

Congress, the cover-up you should have uncovered is Iraq criminal actions by the Bush Warriors.

In Italian Prisons, Show Must Go On

Despite underfunding and overcrowding, prison theatre thrives.

Cultural Diplomacy as a Military and Political Tool

A retired brigadier general pushes federal arts funding for military use. A U.S. arts leader may disagree.

Michael Kaiser’s Cultural Diplomacy: Would a ‘Pepsi Ballet’ Help U.S. Artists?

If more corporations pay for American artists to travel abroad, who do they represent?
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