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Mars Never Seemed So Close, or So Far Away

After an abortive launch, Erin Treadway finally blasts off in the new play "Spaceman."

On Stage Now: The Brilliant Nazi Scientist That America Embraced

A play about a Nazi (former Nazi?) who helped America to put a man on the moon.

Elon Musk’s School: For Rich Families Who Don’t Care About Arts...

Ad Astra has some innovative but very flawed ideas about modern education.

The New Battle Over Acoustics in Performing Arts Venues

How the emergence of electronic acoustics is revolutionizing the design of arts and entertainment halls, despite resistance.

Black Girl In Om: Creating a Space for Women of Color...

In the current climate of our country, self-care is not just helpful; it’s a necessary lifeline.

IndieSpace: New Lease on Life for Off-Off-Broadway?

Building connections between artists and the real estate community.

The YuletiPad

At least the needles won't fall off.

The Martians Aren’t Coming (to Rescue Us)

Less than a month until the world ends, there's bad news about life on Mars.

Mars on My Mind

Tom Sachs's Mars mission at the Armory was a delight.

Six Arts Groups Win Innovative Space Awards

Acknowledging best practices in the field of artist space development.
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