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Techno-Socialism: Coming Sooner Than You Think

Is it time to tax the technology that replaces employees?

Preaching to the Arts/Culture Choir: Change or Face an Empty Room

Forward thinking around communication is not a novelty.

Complicit to the Culture of Complacency

I stand, like so many, complacent on a "moral and factual high ground".

2011 NYC Twestival Set for March 24 — to Support iMentor

The power of social media to benefit a nonprofit that connects professional mentors with mentees.

The Social Media Presence of All 56 State Arts Agencies (Updated)

AZ's agency has 3,790 Friends. @CO_Creatives has 2,912 Followers. And more.

The Social Media Presence of All 56 State Arts Agencies

Which state arts agencies are using 21st century communication tools as the century's second decade begins?

Week Ending July 30: A Flap About Tweeting at the Theater

Plus a discussion about endowments -- and how to tap them.

The CFR Joins Ovation to Honor the Tonys & Promote a...

Tweet the plot of a Broadway show and include the hashtag #bwayplot and...win tickets!

Sweetest Verse, Not Prose, Celebrating Broadway Shows: It’s Twits Poetic

To publicize 100 performers reading 100 poems, submit one haiku.

A Vision: Arena Stage Permitting Tweeting During Performances

Do institutional theaters "expect audiences to disconnect and remain in a dome of silence"?

Come and Meet Those Who Tweet (at the Theater)

TCG's Teresa Eyring mentions segregated seating for Tweeters. Yet it's Twitter-only performances that will confer cool.

Twime to Twy to Twalk and Tweet the Twestival

Bowl and tweet and raise money for a good cause.
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Herman Cain (and Republicans Unable)

And then there was Jerry Falwell, Jr., with his open pants, evangelical FUPA and his hands veering into prime side-boob territory with -- hey, doesn't she have a name?