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New Reviews: Love’s Labour’s Lost

There comes a moment in this asthma-inducing production when one must ask if too much shtick is good for the play.

Heretic’s Foundation XVII: More on the Woman Who Wrote the Shakespeare...

Unlike any other Shakespearean authorship candidate, Hudson sees Lanier as an exact match for areas of rare knowledge demonstrated by the playwright.

Heretic’s Foundation XVI: A New Business Model for Shakespeare & Company?

Shakespeare and Company is examining good ideas from all quarters. So here is one more.

Heretic’s Foundation XV: Is ‘Merchant of Venice’ a Cannibal Satire?

In a culture considering Jews dogs or devils, Shylock's demand for basic rights represents an amazing plea for equality.

Heretic’s Foundation XIV: Mr. Shakespeare’s Gunpowder Plot

Because the American right-wing has romanticized Guy Fawkes, some other folks associated with the Gunpowder Plot have been forgotten.

Mary Frank Madera Cast as Lady M in ‘Macbeth’ Film; Final...

As Lady M sleepwalks and encounters her guilt, it would be boring if she had no real guilt to begin with.

Frances You Sanderson Cast as Lady Macduff in ‘Macbeth’ Film; Kickstarter...

Lady MacDuff represents all of the victims of the Macbeths' reign of terror once it really gets going.

Robert Berliner Cast in Title Role in ‘Macbeth’ Film; Kickstarter Funding...

Mosquitoes, roaring motor bikes, intermittent showers, steamy weather -- none could keep capacity crowds from turning out and enjoying Robert Berliner in Peer Gynt.

Mark Greenfield Joins ‘Macbeth in Close-Up’ Film; Kickstarter Fundraising Continues

A close-up on the Portel will provide the feeling of being right next to a friend who happens to be telling a really hilarious joke.

Everett Quinton Joins Cast of ‘Macbeth’ Film; Kickstarter Fundraising Ongoing

In "Macbeth in Close-Up," it's the explosive combination of physical proximity to truly intense acting work that will set this film apart for audiences.

Heretic’s Foundation XIII: The End of High-Concept Shakespeare?

If director Peter Sellars and his team had read the research, they would know Othello is a play about a handkerchief.

Heretic’s Foundation XII: Can Innovation Remake the Theater Industry?

Shakespeare dogma dates back to a perfidious 18th century Romantic assumption that the plays were written spontaneously in an outpouring of divine inspiration.

The Dark Lady Players Featured On the Jewish Channel

Did a Marrano Jewess write the plays of William Shakespeare?

Heretic’s Foundation XI: Managing Complexity, From Plays to Performance

Speed, flexibility and adaptability to change is now ranked number three in CEO top challenges. Unfortunately, these are not areas in which the workforce is strong.

Heretic’s Foundation X: Does Gender Bias Exist Against Women Playwrights?

That there are more plays being mounted by male authors is not caused by gender bias, but the presence of fewer women playwrights, who write fewer plays.

Heretic’s Foundation IX: What Does Harry Potter Have to Do with...

Whereas the Christ figure is imagined having a halo or nimbus, Harry Potter's broomstick is named nimbus.

Jude Law and the Law — Well, Factoids — of the...

Only the most recent Hamlet on Broadway, that of Ralph Fiennes, won a Tony for the actor essaying the title character.

Heretic’s Foundation VIII: Seeing Beneath Twelfth Night

Twelfth Night is not a play about foolishness or falling in love and certainly not the mindless comedy that I used to believe it was.

Heretic’s Foundation VII: Jesus, the World’s Most Popular Literary Character

In Elizabethan London, the most prominent nonbeliever in Jesus was Christopher Marlowe.
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