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Greg Mullavey Tackles Titus Andronicus

"The consequences of violent payback."

Art, Energy, Cultural Change: A Discussion with Barry Lord

His new book, Art and Energy: How Culture Changes connects energy sources, cultural values and art.

Out, Out!: Branagh “Macbeth” a Grand, Flawed Spectacle

The Scottish play turns ticket buyers into clan members.

To Play It Straight, Look to Biology

Tasking an actor with playing sexual identity is perfectly acceptable.

To Philip Seymour Hoffman, With Gratitude and Anger

Was he really "the greatest actor of his generation"?

Free to Be: Political Theater (Part 6)

The theater must not become an island for asses.

Rylance’s Richard III: The Very Model of a Time Machine

The art seems to emerge from the artifice.

9 “Hidden Performances” Around New York City

All over the city, non-traditional performances can surprise and delight.

No Red Herring: “Hamlet” as Scandinavian Thriller

Polonius is far from foolish. Ophelia is not just a "nice girl."

Will “Bullets Over Broadway” Shoot Close? Plus Two Blind Items

Sexy boy-toys vs. handsome young companions

Photographer Rebecca Drolen Lets Her Hair Down

Hair - and the lack of it - has power.

Burgtheater Experiences the Bard and Debt

National treasure, while honoring Hamlet's ghost, suffers specter of stark economy.

Romeo and Juliet: A May-November Love Story in Purgatory

Romeo has never been this sexy or probably this old.

Tossing Back a Terrific “Tempest” at the Delacorte

Extending Joseph Papp's bow to the Public.

Watching Shakespeare and Remembering Wagner

Vienna also mourns cultural icons, takes on politics.

Seasons Come, Seasons Go, But Theater is Forever

What lies ahead on the road to Broadway, off- and off-off always looks bright in the Fall.

Waiter, Is It July Yet? Broadway’s New Season Burps and Belches

Selling Broadway to the unwashed and unwary.

Shakespeare, London and a Good Pair of Boots

How a good pair of boots connects Shakespeare to contemporary playwrights.

Providing Fresh SoCal Air for “Much Ado About Nothing”

Joss Whedon gives Shakespeare's comedy a nicely balanced Hollywood garnish.
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