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“Vinegar Girl”: Anne Tyler Tames the “Shrew”

American novelist determined to remake outmoded Shakespeare.

“Troilus and Cressida” in Central Park Won’t Drive

Perhaps Shakespeare was having a joke on himself.

Women-Only Cast Tames the “Shrew”

They strut. They square their shoulders. They're men.

The Complex Prison Creative Part 2

For a few days, inmates at Sing Sing experience the freedom of the Bard's Illyria.

The Complex Prison Creative, Part 1

Rehabilitation Through the Arts and director Kate Powers bring Shakespeare to Sing Sing.

Shakespeare and Special Needs Teenagers

Katie Yohe shares insights from directing youth with cognitive disabilities.

How Should We Respond to Shakespeare’s Sexism?

How do we negotiate between what Shakespeare is and what we want Shakespeare to be?

Founding Visions: Orson Welles and Dangerous Theater

Orson Welles didn't fear challenging the status quo -- why do we?

Founding Visions: Cornerstone Theater Updates the Classics

Making classic plays relevant for local audiences.

Patti LuPone and Cellphone-gazi

How long can the theater keep the 21st century at bay? And do we want to?

In Theater, Can We Preserve the Ephemeral?

Theatre is a dying art form, but it is also born anew with each performance.

8 Must-See London Theater Productions

The next wave of Great Britain's domination of Broadway.

Zoë Wanamaker Talks Theater Here and Abroad

The Anglo-American actress gabs about the Encores! "Zorba!" and much more.

Teaching Children Shakespeare

"Kids want power. The word they hear the most is, 'No.' What they get when working on a Shakespearean play is a big, 'Yes' and they are empowered."

The Return of the Pocket Square

An accessory dating to 500 B. C. pops up again.

The Tempest, Not Tossed, of Ethan McSweeny

"Perpetual truths about human beings is one of the things that makes it a classic."

McCullough vs. the Shakespeare Cult

An “eye and ear for irony and caustic, comic dialogue."

Friends, Britons, Countrymen: Lend “King Charles III” Your Ear

Will the inevitable King Charles III rewrite the unwritten British constitution?

A Bright Clearing in the Forest of Arden

"People go to see a play. Whereas Hamlet says, 'We’ll hear a play tomorrow.'"

Second City No More: A Roundtable on Chicago Theater

Akhtar, Peet, Senior and Witt on Chicago vs. New York theater.
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