Sunday, July 21, 2019
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Mars Never Seemed So Close, or So Far Away

After an abortive launch, Erin Treadway finally blasts off in the new play "Spaceman."

Will Robots Replace Human Artists?

In this podcast, we speak with authors John Biggs and B.J. Mendelson on the future of social media and A.I.

In Interactive Play “Constellarium,” Children Learn to Be Refugees

How the Verigrin came to define themselves as a sanctuary planet.

Who’s Ari Rapkin Blenkhorn? A Total Technology Badass

Women in tech? Rare. Women in tech in the arts? Rarer still.

Director Michael Almereyda on Making “Marjorie Prime”

In this podcast, Alamereyda reflects on memory, technology and the themes of his new film.

I Want to See Less of This “World”

I've lost patience with the limited view of sci-fi shows like "Westworld."

“Harry Potter” in the West End: A Hogwarts Report Card

Mostly good grades. But room for improvement.

Founding Visions: Orson Welles and Dangerous Theater

Orson Welles didn't fear challenging the status quo -- why do we?

How to Drive Politicians Crazy: Vote

Imagine an election that produces another Lincoln rather than a Trump.

TV’s Reboot Fetish: Nostalgia Never Had It So Good

We may long for the shows we enjoyed in the past, but nostalgia is a celebration of old wounds.

Fresh Off a Rocky Boat

My message to Eddie Huang.

Yes, I’m Still Mourning Leonard Nimoy

I think the tag on "The Big Bang Theory" said it best.

Soylent: The Rise of Food Performance?

If food becomes more like water, then eating will become just a performance.

The Doctor Who Is In!

Well, Mrs. Ray Rice, thanks for setting back the women’s movement to caveman days.

After the Longest Red Carpet in Emmy History

Seriously? ... Yay! ... Seriously?

Plenty of Parking Under the Banner of Heaven

What would it take to reimagine the experience of being in a theater?

The Dark Empire Rises…

A short look back at my favorite film of the franchise.

How Far Will “Fargo” Go?

This week’s “James Spader Creepy TV Guy” award goes to Billy Bob Thornton in "Fargo"!

8 Ways Artists Make Snow Less Miserable

Ice Palaces, penguins, pretty paintings and AT-ATs all warm the heart.

Meta Time: Episodes of “Episodes” and Human Aliens

Matt LeBlanc as Matt Matt LeBlanc?
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