Friday, November 22, 2019
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I Wrote ‘After’ — a Play About a School Gun Massacre…

...then the Stoneman Douglas High School massacre happened minutes from my home.

Learning and Unlearning from the Bauhaus

A centenary spotlights how the school's influence lives on, but needs redefinition for today.

What the Constitution Means to Me, You, and Mike Iveson

"Ruth Bader Ginsberg is essentially America's greatest superhero right now."

He Spent a Year Telling Students to ‘Sit Down and Shut...

Cinque Henderson's provocative memoir raises questions and concerns.

Armed Teachers Will Only Prove We Failed as a Society

You know, like something out of a Clint Eastwood blockbuster.

After Mass Shootings, What’s an Arts Communicator to Do?

Every time I sat down to write this article, I thought I'd have more time.

Playwright Morisseau Revisits Rage in Racist America

Plays need not be perfect to be important.

Arts Integration: Radical Then, Still Radical Today

Although mentioned over a 100 years ago, arts integration in schools still isn't common.

Seanna Bruno: Ending Relationship Violence with One Love

"This is the most important thing I've done in my life."

Innovation in Arts Funding: Eight “Actual” Responses

Reflections on making theater without funding.

The Strong Female Character(s) of Robin Epstein

"I just went with it, threw myself out there."

Advice to the Graduates: John Waters and Robert DeNiro

DeNiro's Tisch commencement speech was tragic, but got naive laughs.

Dana Saxon’s Search for Roots Leads to Ancestors unKnown

"I want to see students connecting their personal histories to the larger, global context."

Learning from Lou Volpe in ‘Drama High’

How did this drama teacher achieve success? Dismissing it solely as the luck and genius of one man is a mistake.

Nashville Jazz Community Honors Billy Adair

Remembering the outstanding arranger, guitarist/bassist, bandleader and instructor.

Zubin Kanga Inside and Outside the Piano

The pianist plays directly on the strings as well as on the keys.

Partisanship Brutalizes a Great American Doctor

Then the realities of today’s politics sink in.

Tossing Back a Terrific “Tempest” at the Delacorte

Extending Joseph Papp's bow to the Public.

ArtsEd Comeback? Ravitch Rails at “The Reign of Error”

Truth or consequences, bluntly put.

Iraq, Afghanistan Cost U.S. $4 to $6 Trillion

Harvard study says invasions will result in long-term debt-servicing costs.
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