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Some Leaders Rise Like a Phoenix, Others Falwell

The evangelical religious right of Jerry Falwell, Jr., has finally been revealed for what it is: a con game, a sham. And that's hilarious.

Privilege and Punishment: Felicity Huffman and the Prestige Problem

With legacy enrollment dramatically rising at America’s top colleges and universities, who needs fraudulent admissions anyway?

What Becomes of Jussie Smollett Now?

What kind of career will Jussie Smollett have now? Will he even have one? I suppose his staunchest defenders will take umbrage at these...

Dear Deb Margolin: A Letter About ‘Imagining Madoff’

Will the real Skim Shady please stand up?

My Personal Reasons for Wanting Ralph Northam to Resign

The author's mother was more "Edith than Archie." What was she not? Sophisticated.

Teenagers: America’s Political Trojan Horse?

Why do we hide our political messages behind our children? Or attack teenagers for theirs?

Artist Promotion? Data Scam? My Trip With VoyageChicago

Promoting artists sounds great -- until you think they're aggregating your personal information.

Why I Am Boycotting Writers Theatre in Chicago

When a board papers over staff misconduct, maybe it's time to just say no.

Turnover Is Burning Down the (White) House

With all these departures, the question is can they recruit more and better experienced people? This is clearly a demoralized White House.

Six Women Allege Physical, Emotional Abuse at Dream Theatre Company

"Jeremy continues to email me from about 10 different addresses, with marriage proposals, suicide threats and pictures of his dick."

Why Kathy Griffin Shouldn’t Apologize

Kathy Griffin holding Trump's severed "head" deserved no apology.

Zaccharin Thibodeau Goes Down

Zaccharin Thibodeau arrested and indicted on multiple counts of felony theft and fraud.

Men: Theater Is Not For Your Sexual Fantasies

We need to say #NotInOurHouse to sexist and exploitative theater practices.

The Show Must Not Go On

I am upset by what I found.

Lighten Up (Pope) Francis!

The Catholics' new leader needs to modernize a church in massive disorder.

Great Scott!

Look whose leading Republican governors crawling back to Obamacare.

Grading the Year 2009

And let's not forget Sarah Palin doing what she does best: whining and quitting, not necessarily in that order.

Bishop Tobin Denies Kennedy Communion? Fine. Deny Bishop Tobin Tax-Exempt Status

More and more, religious groups are charging into political matters, jeopardizing their tax-exempt status.

NEA Chair Landesman Tells 10 GOP Senators, Nicely, to Shut the...

Mounting evidence the National Endowment for the Arts scandal has landed on the craters of moony-eyed conservatives.

More NEA Scandal: Americans for the Arts Rips Washington Times’ “Poor...

More evidence that the right-wing aims to restart the culture wars. If you dispute this, please tell us: What was Berlin in 1933 really like?
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Herman Cain (and Republicans Unable)

And then there was Jerry Falwell, Jr., with his open pants, evangelical FUPA and his hands veering into prime side-boob territory with -- hey, doesn't she have a name?