Friday, November 15, 2019
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Time for Arts Nonprofits to Prove They Inspire Change

If there's no positive impact you can measure, why hang your hat on the idea?

1983 Viral? Revisit Reagan’s Grenada Invasion in “Halcyon Days”

And a brief introduction to actor Tom Paolino, who plays Eddie.

Michael Moore Thumps Trump in “The Terms of My Surrender”

Moore's hoot-and-holler, directed by Michael Mayer, preaches to the converted.

A Trump Presidency Might Be Fun…and a Total Disaster

There's also a lot to be said for someone familiar with how things work.

The Donald and the Broken GOP

It’s all very amusing and it's all wildly un-Presidential.

Greece, Others Falling to Predator Creditors

Their assets could be devoured by the One Percent and their crony multinationals.

Greece’s Debt Battle: What’s the Real Story?

Here's a look at why Germany and other creditors don't want Greece to get out of its financial plight.

An Open Letter to Hillary Clinton on Progressivism

Please remember, Madame Secretary, that liberal policies are, in fact, popular.

Republicans Oppose These Americans’ Right to Vote

..."shall not be denied or abridged"..."on account of race, color, or previous condition of servitude."

Paul Craig Roberts: Economic Peace Monger

Paul Craig Roberts’ bottom line seems to be this: Endless war and greed are bad for the economy, and therefore harmful to humanity.

The Awful Impact of Government Distrust

America is being held together by bitter disagreement.

Six Films Link Warmongers’ Warped Mind

Clarifying how a dumbed-down human race labors to kill itself.

Hurtling Toward World War III

Scholars and economists offer grave warnings, but policymakers and banks aren't listening.

Take Back the Economy, Close the Generation Gap

It takes strikes and boycotts and threats backed by angry millions to move the system.

At Westminster: Stars and Stripes, Axelrod and Messina

Two former Obama aides have chosen opposing sides to hawk their wares.

The GOP’s Phase of Adolescent Rebellion

The shutdown is a catastrophe, and it started with Reagan.

Your Money and My Art

When I put my hand out, I'm not asking for a handout.

Romney May Try to Scrap Arts, Humanities and PBS

Killing cultural funding is the far right's traditional wild call.
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