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The Paradox of Seeking Justice Through the Arts

Artists need to shut it down while holding it together, burn bridges while bridging divides.

Five Reasons We Should Pay Attention to Egypt

A certain country has a lot to teach us about #NotMyPresident, blackface, revolution and mummies.

Offred Won’t Save You: ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’ Was Never About That

Viewers and critics want Offred to be a freedom fighter, serving neither the character nor the plot.

Sometimes I Think About a Second American Revolution

Revolution is a serious idea. What would you risk for your country, ideals, freedom?

‘Black Radical Women’ Revolutionize Art at Brooklyn Museum

40 artists reveal the complexity, urgency and power of Black Radical Women.

Artists Address Revolution: Trump Today vs. 1917 Bolsheviks

Russian avant-garde artists supported the Bolshevik Revolution; artists today resist.

Seeing Red: When Russian Art and Politics Were Revolutionary

During the Russian Revolution, avant-garde artists pioneered new art for a new society.

The Corporate Coup Against Civil Society

Capitalism has been fatally corrupted by corporate interests.

Peace On Earth: How Do We Begin?

Dreams of one naive citizen -- but we used to be a country of dreamers.

As U.S. Austerity Deepens, Prepare for Revolution

Hopefully it will be a peaceful revolution. It may not be. But, as in the Middle East and Europe with hints in Asia, it's coming.

Water as a Weapon of Bloody and Financial War

Either a deadly tool or a time bomb.

Divided by a Common Enemy

In America, we find great irony in the internal struggle between two groups in fear.

Google Goes Constitutional, Globally

The mammoth reference site's Constitute offers 160 nations' basic-rights documents online.

Can a Spin Doctor Diagnose the Cause?

Ancient statue mysteriously rotates in Manchester Museum.

Un-Civil Disobedience

75% of this country's 99% are still in a recession. History shows what that leads to.

Arts in Iran, Syria Bring Soul to Politics, War

Creativity battles homeland and Western aggression.

Solving the Decade of Our Discontent

Could years of sick economy lead to a decade of American discontent that would boil over into revolution as in the Middle East?

George W. Bush’s ’05 Inaugural, the Deep Irony of Egypt and...

"To seek and support the growth of democratic movements and institutions in every nation and culture."
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Herman Cain (and Republicans Unable)

And then there was Jerry Falwell, Jr., with his open pants, evangelical FUPA and his hands veering into prime side-boob territory with -- hey, doesn't she have a name?