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A$AP Rocky’s “Long.Live.A$AP” (Deluxe Addition)

A$AP Rocky's album helps to redefine a sound.

NSO pays tribute to Martin Luther King

The Nashville Symphony Orchestra's concert was poignant and powerful.

Depending on the Kindness of Critics

I've been accused of kindness many more times than I care to enumerate.

Ultraviolent “Django Unchained” a Provocative Tall Tale

A movie review from our new partner, ArtsNash.

Joey Arias: Mayan Queen

At Joe's Pub, the singer ushered in the end of the world. And Christmas.

Intrigue! Torture! Death!: Bellini’s “Beatrice di Tenda”

The Collegiate Chorale performed the gorgeous bel canto opera at Carnegie Hall.

“The Medium” and Small Opera

Grand opera is great, but un-grand opera takes risks more freely.

Tancredi and Clorinda Battle for Gotham

Gotham Chamber Opera's season opened with "Orientale" at (Le) Poisson Rouge.

“Crossing the Line” Best When it Crosses Lines

Two "Crossing the Line" Festival performances reviewed.

At Home with Columbus

Artist Tatzu Nishi builds a deluxe apartment in the sky at Columbus Circle.

Mars on My Mind

Tom Sachs's Mars mission at the Armory was a delight.

For Huffington Post: Ensnaring Critics in the ‘Spider-Man’ Web

The whole idea that critics still operate in some lofty, rarefied universe is 1970 (or earlier) in its thinking.

New Review: The Satin Slipper or the Worst Is Not the...

Director Peter Dobbins might have done himself and his ensemble a favor by not cutting the work down to a maddeningly hard-to-follow three hours.

Confessions of a Kirkus Reviewer

The Kirkus Reviews style guide was Soviet in its bureaucratizing of English -- an Orwellian nightmare of do's, don'ts and how-dare-yous.

New Review: Juan and John

Smith lets his feelings stay right on the surface -- like those hotheaded baseball players on that fateful August day.

New Review: Inventing Avi (And Other Theatrical Maneuvers)

A zany comedy about the theater that actually lands far more humorous punches than you would think.

The Critics of Free Papers Suck? Talk About Overvalued Stock!

A critic can still contribute meaningfully to the cultural equation, if he or she is good, without insisting on determining whether people's wallets are open or shut.

New Review: Eye of God

Its title a Bible reference, this play may have you rooting for a released felon, even when you see he's committed an especially unspeakable crime.

Thinking About the National Arts Journalism Summit

So what, exactly, was the point? From the looks of the 10 projects, a clear majority are already off-the-ground endeavors.

New Review: The Night Watcher

At its core, "The Night Watcher" is Woodard's internal debate: Was it right for her and her husband to remain childless?
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Herman Cain (and Republicans Unable)

And then there was Jerry Falwell, Jr., with his open pants, evangelical FUPA and his hands veering into prime side-boob territory with -- hey, doesn't she have a name?