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Was Working For Donald Trump Really Worth Your Reputation?

Sometimes you're Hope Hicks. Sometimes you're Madeleine Westerhout. Sometimes you're Sean Spicer.

‘Sorry — Love You’: Asian Americans on ‘RuPaul’s Drag Race’

What does it look like to represent Asian Americans in a drag competition?

How ‘Nailed It’ Fails It

Join us, as we mourn the death of craft.

In ‘Network’ on Broadway, Design Battles Howard Beale

Played by a craggy, and mesmerizing Bryan Cranston, he's not going to take it anymore.

James Comey, The Boulet Brothers and Other Monsters

Comey sees authority as the essence of goodness; he might have learned a better, more humanistic lesson from horror-drag reality TV hosts.

‘RuPaul’s Drag Race’ Ruined Drag

Drag is, "Drag Race" notwithstanding, about knowing who you are, what society thinks of that and making humor, beauty and art from the mess of it.

Off-Broadway, Max Crumm Finds Himself a “Hot Mess”

Please meet Max and Eleanor. Or, if you like, Eleanor and Max. They go together like -- well, Max and Eleanor, or Eleanor and...

Mathu Andersen, Rupaul’s Drag Race and How to Win a War

Mathu Andersen: because not all heroes wear capes, but some look amazing in Louboutins.

Why Do We Love Guilty TV? Three Women Explain Everything

Why watching trashy, guilty TV provides comfort in today's world.

Reality Trumped: RNC TV

The RNC ends up with a reality show entirely starring villains.

“UnREAL,” “Orange Is the New Black,” & White Folks

The new seasons of "UnREAL" and "OINTB" raise questions about white audience expectations.

Sam Harris Wants Your Money

"And then there’s his Barbra Streisand collection..."

The Anatomy of a Celebrity Apology

It's the summer of the slur, starring Alec Baldwin, Paula Deen and... Joyce Carol Oates?

Entertation Index May 20-31: Bea Arthur in Repose

Bieber booed, John Connor has no fate but what he makes, and Courtney Stodden surprises no one!

Entertation Index May 6-17: Taylor Swift Gaining Power

Teen mom takes alternate route to fame, Katy Perry is of the Devil!, and more!

Entertation Index Apr 22 – May 3: Affleck Lives High and...

Michael Bay never complains, never explains; Lochte does what Lochtes do, and more!

Entertation Index Apr 8-19: Bieber’s Gaffe, Hagar’s Lament

Kardashians scripted? Snipes unleashed? Sabbath relevant? Noooo!

Entertation Index Mar 11 – 22: Of Biebs and Band Names

Another Clerks? Miley single? Lauer in for Trebek? So many questions!

Entertation Index Feb 25 – Mar 8: “Duck Dynasty” > Morrissey

Bates's bondage beats Boyle's big screen break, "Hey. We're in...Delaware" and more!

An article about nothing….but it could be something.

So, in this age of media overload, how does society cope? Gangnam Style of course.
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