Friday, December 6, 2019
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► Puppet President Prods Perplexed APAP

Donald J. Tramp proved true to form.

No Debate! The Lady and (Donald J.) Tramp Take Vegas

A report from the CFR's special correspondents at the final presidential debate.

If He Only Had a Heart, This Would Be His Play

A story of a man losing his humanity and (perhaps) his capacity for love.

We Are Living in a Material World, and THIS Is Material,...

I prefer the puppeteers who stab you in the back for a headlining act in Vegas.

Puppets Are People, Too

Learning to embrace puppetish ways.

Puppets to Take Over the World, Starting in Washington, DC

A Million Puppet March on Washington. A call to action for the rest of us.

Ms. and They: Coming to Terms with Terms of Identity

Throughout rehearsals, she constantly defaulted to “he,” followed by stuttering apologies. Aidan always said, “That’s OK.” She always felt terrible anyway.

América the Beautiful

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