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All Hail “The Crown” (and the Queen)

Peter Morgan's Netflix series offers catharsis for uneasy times.

Playing Winston Churchill: Monumental Man, Not Myth

A Victorian man in a modern age.

Uniformity in Nonconformity

Imagine a world without the uniformity of dress.

Following Paris, Police States Grow as Economies Shrink

Paris’s Charlie Hebdo and supermarket attacks have set the stage for another post-9/11.

Friends, Britons, Countrymen: Lend “King Charles III” Your Ear

Will the inevitable King Charles III rewrite the unwritten British constitution?

War and Sex: Winning the Terrorism Battle

The war should have as much emphasis on psy-ops as on bullets and bombs.

At Westminster: Stars and Stripes, Axelrod and Messina

Two former Obama aides have chosen opposing sides to hawk their wares.

Your Money and My Art

When I put my hand out, I'm not asking for a handout.

Let’s Talk Theater About Politics, Not Political Theater

"The Audience" with Helen Mirren and "This House" at the National show the English how they're governed.

Nobel Winner Tutu Wants Bush, Blair Tried as War Criminals

But international political process would stifle justice effort.
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Herman Cain (and Republicans Unable)

And then there was Jerry Falwell, Jr., with his open pants, evangelical FUPA and his hands veering into prime side-boob territory with -- hey, doesn't she have a name?