Friday, October 18, 2019
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Prince Biographer Alex Hahn: Nothing Still Compares to U

Always looking for a sense of home, Prince finally found it in Paisley Park.

Jo Lampert Sparks David Byrne’s “Joan of Arc”

Alex Timbers, Steven Hoggett stage hot new look at the Maid of Orleans.

Peer Gynt and the Norwegian Hapa Band Rocks Out

Though rock is native neither to Norway nor to Hapa bands, the idea is fascinating.

Lara Fabian: Belgium’s Best-Loved Singer

So underrated that it almost beggars belief.

Welcome to Bet Hatikva: “The Band’s Visit”

What an enticing world-music-like original cast CD this one is going to be.

Las Vegas: Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad Museums and More

Hot nightlife, bizarre museums, thrill-rides, insane shopping -- and, yes, showgirls.

Get Your Theater More Than an Audience–Build a Fandom

What church and K-pop can teach us about building a lifestyle around your organization.

How a Millennial Channels Janis Joplin

"Some audience members think I’m truly drunk towards the end..."

We Don’t Believe in the Autonomy of Black Women

Have you cited a Black woman today?

Sam Harris Wants Your Money

"And then there’s his Barbra Streisand collection..."

Nothing Compares to U: Appreciating Prince

He belonged to my generation. He was ours exclusively.

Steve Martin and Edie Brickell’s “Bright Star” Could Be Brighter

A "sleekness that makes your head spin with giddy delight." But then...

There’s a Starman Waiting in the Sky

The stars look very different today.

Michael Cross Burke on Michael Jackson, JonBenet & Himself

"When I make my work, I don’t censor myself."

Out and Proud Singer Will “Unlock Your Heart”

" keeps moving, even when you want to stop and be a big drama queen about things."

Kanye, Beck and the Grammys: Samsung Weighs In

It not only listens in, it tells you what it thinks!

On the Undying, Undead Devotion to Art, Part 2

Are we meant to be eternal brands, like Disney or Ford—productivity into perpetuity?

Genzken’s Art, Genet’s Drama, Amy Winehouse Remembered

Vienna's excitement includes linguistic debate and artist Alex Katz's donation.

Premiere of Ben Folds Piano Concerto at Nashville Symphony

The composer's diverse sources energized the audience.

Gold Rush as Folk Opera

A new folk concept album from Eric Brace and Karl Straub.
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