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Romney May Try to Scrap Arts, Humanities and PBS

Killing cultural funding is the far right's traditional wild call.

Mitt’s Slick Pick

Romney's VP choice Paul Ryan loves war and the unregulated very wealthy.

Free to Choose: President Hyde or Governor Hyde?

Which villain do you pick? Or will your independent spirit find a third party?

Haley’s Omit: Overturned

South Carolina still has a state arts commission.

Haley’s Omit

Smug SC Governor vetoes state arts commission funding outright.

Ferencz Condemns Drone Attacks: “A Crime Against Humanity”

International law authorities' responses to drone attacks range from condemnation to wary questioning of their legality.

Books, Nooks and a Look Back at 2010

On a cold, wintry day, I want a really good book, not a plastic electronic humming Kin-Nook

Primary Colors: Tint, Taint, Truth and Tarryl

If Rivera loses, I will give up, throw in the political towel and write only of New Age-y feel-good life tips from here on in.

Tea Party, Racism, Corruption: Steeping to the Bad Side

All those Tea Party "patriots" who are intellectually half in the bag...

Philly Mayor Faces Tropical Storm — Not Hurricane — Over Arts...

It says a lot about the good will Philly Mayor Michael Nutter has built during his term thus far.

The Message Mess: Los Angeles Mayor Villaraigosa vs. Everyone?

On what planet is "we were overzealous" a serious admission of bad-faith public arts policy?

New Article: The Balance of Power Starts to Tip?

A political party with a large faction that aligns itself with hate speech is not ideally suited to fully dominate the great American middle.

Tiger vs. Obama: Oversaturation, Free Fall, and Delusions of Grandeur

Do the folks eating up the Woods debacle like freshly baked chocolate cake even pay attention to what's really going on in the world?

War, Healthcare Simmers and Burns. Why Are Two Senators Heated Over...

Why are Sens. Coburn and McCain attacking a Philadelphia theater company?

Burke’s Law XVI: Taking Heat Over Global Warming

"Drill, baby, drill" is a backward-looking, backward-thinking idea with little or no place in this challenging new century.

Dear Michael Bloomberg

Maybe now, Mayor Bloomberg, you'll not treat New York City solely as a business. It's a city.

Arianna Huffington Thinks Joe Biden Should Resign. She’s Wrong.

What is Biden's idea for neutralizing a nuclear threat from Pakistan in terms of al Qaeda gaining access to weapons and then to their delivery?

Burke’s Law XI: The Lion Sleeps Tonight

Without the pressure of constant expectations, Kennedy was free to pursue the causes that really mattered to him.

R.I.P. Sen. Edward Kennedy, 1932-2009: A Video Tribute

No, Senator, the dream shall indeed never die.

Could Bloomberg Lose? Should Arts Groups Ponder the Great “What If?”

What would happen to Michael Bloomberg's largesse to arts groups in New York City if, despite the odds, he lost re-election?
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