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News Tapas: January 11, 2013

Guns and Alex Jones and Sandy relief and Bachmanns and zygotes. Zygotes with guns.

Privacy Takes Another Hit

California initiative uses fear to invade cyberspace privacy.

A Farewell to Arms: Kucinich Briefing to Blast Drones Program

The veteran Congressman is leaving office with a war cry against endless war.

The Grand Old Party’s Over. Maybe.

The Republicans can never win a presidency with a minority of the citizenship.

Hurricane Sandy Blows Over

Aftermath. This has been a truly dreadful week. The losses are unimaginable, the deaths shocking and the landscape changed forever. This may seem a...

Big Brother (Homeland Security) Keeps Going Local

Obama's executive order sends federal tentacles further into cities' private/public functions.

Rep. Paul Ryan’s Math Class: Lesson 1

So what loopholes do you want to get rid of, Rep. Ryan?

Big Brother Grows Fatter: House Approves FISA Amendments

Your Congressmembers want you wiretapped without a warrant. Kucinich, others oppose.

Can I Get Some Freedom Fries with That Chick-fil-A?

Will the fast-food firm's controversy stay unwrapped in the months to come?

Justice In America – Endangered?

At home and abroad, we see a growing loss of respect for our once model justice system.

A Secret Republican Dishes the RNC

Some incredible revelations about the convention.

Romney May Try to Scrap Arts, Humanities and PBS

Killing cultural funding is the far right's traditional wild call.

Mitt’s Slick Pick

Romney's VP choice Paul Ryan loves war and the unregulated very wealthy.

Free to Choose: President Hyde or Governor Hyde?

Which villain do you pick? Or will your independent spirit find a third party?

Haley’s Omit: Overturned

South Carolina still has a state arts commission.

Haley’s Omit

Smug SC Governor vetoes state arts commission funding outright.

Ferencz Condemns Drone Attacks: “A Crime Against Humanity”

International law authorities' responses to drone attacks range from condemnation to wary questioning of their legality.

Books, Nooks and a Look Back at 2010

On a cold, wintry day, I want a really good book, not a plastic electronic humming Kin-Nook

Primary Colors: Tint, Taint, Truth and Tarryl

If Rivera loses, I will give up, throw in the political towel and write only of New Age-y feel-good life tips from here on in.

Tea Party, Racism, Corruption: Steeping to the Bad Side

All those Tea Party "patriots" who are intellectually half in the bag...
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