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Searching for a Shore, This Family Settles Into Silence

Sudsy plot points with the working-class Holmes family in rural England.

Mother-Daughter Bond: Modern Dancers Make Striking Figures

New dances in “a kaleidoscope of intersecting shapes and images" show women in all stages.

What Cultural Facilities Forget: The Nuyorican Rules

Too many cultural organizations and facilities have lost sight of these simple rules.

Playwright Morisseau Revisits Rage in Racist America

Plays need not be perfect to be important.

Step into the Octagon with Kristiana Colón

Kristiana Colón combines actors and real poets for the ultimate slam poetry showdown

Sonnets from Shanghai

Chinese students try their hands at Western sonnets...with mixed results

Finding the Poetry in a Culture at War

Romero's trilogy of plays on the USA at war are "poetic and surprisingly gentle".

Robin Williams and Comics’ Depression

Did the late comedian, like so many comedians, share an occupational hazard?

Gay As I Wanna Be

Did I slip into some alternate America of tolerance and compassion?

5 Questions I’ve Never Been Asked: The Wild Project

"...a man in a trench coat showed up, took it off and looked at the show in the nude."

Doing Lines: Check Out Poetic People Power

Exploring the economics, psychology and costs of our consumerism culture.

Sweetest Verse, Not Prose, Celebrating Broadway Shows: It’s Twits Poetic

To publicize 100 performers reading 100 poems, submit one haiku.

5 Questions I’ve Never Been Asked: Elizabeth A. Davis

The vulnerability in Dickinson's poetry is "like watching an actor drop lines on stage and then seeing the terrifying honesty that inevitably follows."
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