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Albee Damned?

An Australian writer has lit a firestorm about Edward Albee. After all, one can yell "art must breathe" on directors' behalf, but playwrights can always yell "I'm the vintner" right back.

5 Questions I’ve Never Been Asked: Chisa Hutchinson

"...the worst thing a writer writing about sexual discovery could do is underestimate how dirty kids can be."

5 Questions I’ve Never Been Asked: Jean-Paul Sartre

"What is it like being dead?," writes Sartre from beyond the grave. "The same as before I was born."

“Special 5 Questions”: Robert McCaskill Interviews Alex Lyras

Says McCaskill, "I'm at an age when sleeping with someone means you actually go to sleep."

5 Questions I’ve Never Been Asked: August Schulenberg

The children of the '60s, Schulenberg says, "reinvented themselves...or were simply too busy leading their lives to try to make the world better."

British Equity Backs Co. Selling Downloads of Dramas. Will U.S. Equity...

Will Actors' Equity join the march toward the 21st century? Or will the American theater be a backwater?

Taylor Mac’s “Lily’s Revenge”: A Flowery Adventure in Five-Part Harmony

Going to the theater is about practicing your emotions. You do it so when something like 9/11 happens, you don't act irresponsibly.

5 Questions I’ve Never Been Asked: Stevie Holland

Prepping to play Mrs. Cole Porter, Holland considers life behind a songwriting genius.

5 Questions I’ve Never Been Asked: Rachelle Rak

"Sometimes I wonder if I am entering the doctor's office or Bemelman's Bar," Rak says.

5 Questions I’ve Never Been Asked: Shirley Lauro

"I feel close enough to the Nazi women," says playwright Shirley Lauro, "to grasp them emotionally and to grasp instinctively why they became who they became."

5 Questions I’ve Never Been Asked: Crystal Skillman

Skillman loves when she's off to a reading of a play she's written and people ask, as if to confirm, "So, you read all the parts yourself, right?"

CF Interview: Playwright Tracy Letts and the “Superior Donuts” Cast

Arthur Przybyszewski, says Michael McKean, "said goodbye to the world at a certain point until his life and circumstances brought him back to it."

New Review: The River Crosses Rivers: Series A

While created by women playwrights of color, what's alluring about these plays isn't an obsession with ethnicity.

New Review: The Provenance of Beauty

A trip through the South Bronx, a part of New York City audiences rarely see. Is gentrification good or not? The author's ambivalence demands that outsiders decide.

Special ‘5 Questions’: Director Jordana Williams Interviews Playwright Mac Rogers

When you hit your 30s, you start to think, Huh, there is actually going to be some kind of future ahead of me and perhaps I can, in some small way, define it.

Neil Simon Endorses Michael Bloomberg for Mayor. No One Laughs.

"I have seen many Mayors come and go, but Mike Bloomberg is a different kind of Mayor," said Neil Simon. Truer words were never spoken.

New Review: The Retributionists

Daniel Goldfarb's play turns the tale of anti-German vengefulness in the wake of the Holocaust into a barely believable series of melodramatic occurrences.

For Playwrights: NY Foundation for the Arts Accepting Apps for ’10...

NYFA has awarded over $22 million to more than 3,600 New York artists.

Boomerang’s “100 Hamiltons”: What Indie-Theater Fundraising Tactics Work Best?

Are there best practices for indie theater fundraising campaigns?

Playwrights Realm Theater Company to Benefit from Four-Day Art Exhibit

Phantom Audio turns into the Phantom Gallery for "Actors, Authors, Others," an exhibition of Don Florence's artwork, to benefit the Playwrights Realm Theater Company.
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