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‘Strange Bell’ Rings True: Revisiting the Art of William Christenberry

In the 1970s, William Christenberry, along with his friend and fellow Southerner William Eggleston, was responsible for the acceptance of color photography as fine...

Of Sound Mind: Fitz Patton Sees Theater As Tonal Adventure

Sound designer? Composer? Photographer? Publisher? Call him what you like. But call: he's listening.

Bringing Home the World: The Daguerreotypes of Girault de Prangey

Gorgeous, detailed daguerreotypes of Mediterranean architecture from a previously unknown pioneer of early photography.

How to Decorate a Fabulous Wall? Ask Wallpics.com!

It's not just about painting a suitable color. It’s about creating a creative, holistic design.

‘The List’: How Many People Did My Friend Have Sex With?

A photography project, a book, and now a work for the stage, taken from real life.

Addison Gallery Takes Aim at America’s Gun Culture

A thread through the history of American photography exposes our obsession with guns as both tools and symbols.

Superfine! Is a New Kind of Art Fair: Welcoming and Affordable

Affordable values -- and a love of both artists and collectors.

Peter Hujar Is a Better Photographer Than Robert Mapplethorpe

Hujar’s photos of artists and drag queens, skyscrapers and farm animals, and so much more animate a powerful retrospective at The Morgan.

American Flag Art Has Better Things To Be Than Patriotic

American flag art is, surprisingly or not, consistent in its negative critique of the US.

Why Kathy Griffin Shouldn’t Apologize

Kathy Griffin holding Trump's severed "head" deserved no apology.

Not Cool: Justin Guariglia Photographs Arctic Meltdown

Guariglia collaborates with NASA to change the course of climate change.

Yesterday’s Xenophobia Today: Japanese Internment & Muslim Bans

Exhibitions commemorate Japanese internment with chilling relevance to politics today.

Nonprofit HeARTs Speak Uses Art to Save Homeless Animals

Founder Lisa Prince Fishler talks about improving the image of shelter animals.

Art Trend Alert: Power Poses for the Disempowered

Kehinde Wiley, Ricardo Hernandez and Gabriel García Román have unique takes on a great idea.

Resisting Eragure: The Haunting Eyes of Peter Hujar

I’d like to think that Jonathan would approve.

If Taylor Swift Says Dance Is Cool, Dance Is Cool

Dance is officially enveloped into the fabric of American pop culture.

Drive! George Tate’s Muscular, Mid-Century Photography

“People are the most interesting things to look at!”

Copyright Rulemakers, Heal Thy Selfie

Who owns the image of the monkey selfie?

Recalling the Exceptional Eyes of Carol C. Carlisle

"Look in your attic -- you may be doing history a favor."

Photographer Rebecca Drolen Lets Her Hair Down

Hair - and the lack of it - has power.
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Herman Cain (and Republicans Unable)

And then there was Jerry Falwell, Jr., with his open pants, evangelical FUPA and his hands veering into prime side-boob territory with -- hey, doesn't she have a name?