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Impeachment: What It Is — and Why He Deserves It

Step one is underway. Step two will mean the whole game.

I Attended ‘Night of Ideas’ in DC. Something Was Lacking.

Community-based artists are important, too. And let's include a lot of them.

‘Saint Joan’ On Broadway: Shaw’s Timeless Gift to Powerful Women

The title character has a heap of gumption as played by Condola Rashad.

South Korean Novelist Plays America (Nods to Camus and Homer)

Eventually, J.M. Lee may or may not write the Great South Korean Novel.

Why I Will Always Be A Liberal

No social reform should come at the expense of the individual. Reforms must serve the individual.

Creating Ourselves Ill

What does it mean when studies show creative professionals have higher rates of mental illness?

Celebrating the Camelhair Coat

Not just a classic design; it’s been a proven, durable all-around classic.

Conservatives: Pure, Not Consistent

The right wing is dogmatically pure, but logically inconsistent.

Aristotle Reviews AMC’s “Breaking Bad”

The author of "Poetics" answers why the TV series is so popular.

Theater in the Around Rules(?)

Immersive, site-specific, interactive--call it what you will--it's here but maybe not to stay.
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Which President Ignored Bounties on Our Murdered Soldiers?

Either the ignoramus president was told the intelligence and did nothing about it or no one on his staff told him. Which sounds worse?