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HERE Plucking New Artists for HARP

HARP nurtures hybrid artists and their audiences through cross-disciplinary exchange, peer-driven discussions and long-term development.

Will the Joyce Theater Turn Union? (Update: It does.)

If the stagehands vote yes, will other unions try to conquer nonunion houses around NYC? Will producers fight back?

Jason Eagan of Ars Nova Unlocks His Secrets

Ars Nova treats theater, comedy and music less as a nutritional supplement and more like the meal itself.

5 Questions I’ve Never Been Asked: Mimi Imfurst

She has no interest in "run-of-the-mill drag impersonations" like Barbra, Judy and Cher. That's why Mimi Imfurst does Anne Frank, Jon Benet Ramsey, Anna Nicole Smith, Terri Schiavo and the Virgin Mary.

New York’s Performing Arts at a Crossroads: Crain’s Conference Set for...

You are strongly urged to attend a conference on the future of the performing arts in New York City.

Japan Society Unveils Performing Arts Events for 2009-10

Tokio-Berlin: Performing arts events in which boundaries are constantly bent and traversed.

To the Performers in Grozny: There But For the Grace of...

Where were the performers when the bomb went off?

What If Chernobyl Happened in America? New Documentary-Theater Piece Investigates

An indictment of the dangers of nuclear energy. Let the debate begin.

5 Questions I’ve Never Been Asked: Brian Dykstra

Someone once asked Brian Dykstra if he thought he was getting better as a playwright. He thought it was a strange thing to ask.

Psychoanalysis, Theatre, and the Virtual Stage: A Free Talk

As with Oedipus, knowledge can be trouble. Psychoanalysis and theatre have histories of being viewed with suspicion if not prohibited outright.

Nilaja Sun to Reprise “No Child…” for One Night in NYC

Watch the clip and you'll want to see the play. Trust me.
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