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The 2018 National Summit and Expo on Diversity in the Arts

A conference to tackle the difficult questions. Here's what you can expect.

Remember How ‘This Is America’ Distracted Us?

Americans don’t have amnesia about mass violence, we have no attention span.

How I Found a Flicker of Art in the Artless Soul...

"Transparent Falsehood" is a satire full of “outtakes of humanity” for a man who has none.

It’s Me! Will Shakespeare! Come ‘Measure’ My New Musical!

"Desperate Measures"? You could have knocked me over with the feather that I still write with.

Bevin Is Right On Liberal Arts Education: KY Voter

"Why should a taxpaying truck driver like me pay for people to study this stuff?"

Alt Satire? Here’s “Me The People: The Trump America Musical”

"We have a lot of characters you would know..."

Feasting on Farce, Michael Urie Finds Us All Fools

Nikolai Gogol took for granted that government officials, major and minor, were corrupt. He believed the same of anyone who attained the slightest amount...

Donald J. Tramp Crashes World Puppetry Day

Nasty puppetry. Nasty, nasty puppetry.

► Introducing WikiLeaks Magazine

The CFR presents an exclusive look at a new publication from WikiLeaks...

“Enterprise,” Brian Parks’ New Play, Skewers Insanity, Inc.

A world in which most things assumed to be constant may not be any longer.

► Puppet President Prods Perplexed APAP

Donald J. Tramp proved true to form.

With Elections Looming, FringeNYC Pitches the Political

Of 26 political plays in FringeNYC, here are thoughts on five.

Katdashians, Andrew Lloyd Webber and the Politics of Parody

Kardashians! Break the Musical! sparks debate on the limits of parody.

Taking Umbridge with Donald Trump

When I see Donald Trump on the news, I think of how easy it is for humanity to become blind to itself.

The Republican Response to San Bernardino

Apparently the only words they have.

All Aboard the Trump-Roller Express!

What happens to liberty?

Bill Cosby Opens a Nightclub

Where every night is ladies' night.

Sandra Bland, Dylann Roof: Equal Treatment Under the Law?

New verses to a sad American song.

Dating Scene 2015: A Guy and a Girl Meet in a...

Some things never change.
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