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How Soundpainting Came to ‘PoP Up’ in Fort Greene, Brooklyn

"If we can inspire a sense of connection, wonder and whimsy in a fractured world, then I think we have done our job."

Can Divan Orchestra Bring Peace to the Middle East?

Reflections on a "project against ignorance" for young Arab and Israeli musicians.

Classical Music #MeToo Firings Send Signal: Time’s Up

Where do we go from here? The shakedowns are not in themselves the victory.

The New Battle Over Acoustics in Performing Arts Venues

How the emergence of electronic acoustics is revolutionizing the design of arts and entertainment halls, despite resistance.

Meet the Women Composers Database (3000+ of Them!)

What will get more works by women programmed? More works by women being programmed.

Must Be The Bourbon: Inclusive Classical Music In Kentucky

In Louisville, the vision of "golden age of orchestral music" may be close at hand.

►Performing Arts and Politics: Trying to See the Future

Could the National Endowment for the Arts be defunded -- and affect performing arts?

Carnegie Hall Celebrates 125 Years of Great Performances

Explore the history of Carnegie Hall as it celebrates its 125th anniversary

More on Politics, Theater Capacity and the Edifice Complex

Build the church for Easter Sunday or for the whole year?

Baumol’s Cost Disease Is Killing Me!

Make no mistake about it: time is short.

Listen to a Nonprofit Consultant Speak!

Great stories after 30 years working in and around the performing arts.

The Performance of the Audience: A Review

Why are some behaviors acceptable and others forbidden?

Queen For a Day: Mariella Devia Reigns in “Roberto Devereux”

As Elisabeth I, the Italian soprano schooled Carnegie Hall in bel canto singing.

Nashville Jazz Community Honors Billy Adair

Remembering the outstanding arranger, guitarist/bassist, bandleader and instructor.

Premiere of Ben Folds Piano Concerto at Nashville Symphony

The composer's diverse sources energized the audience.

Happy New Year from Vienna!

From Barenboim to "punk ballet," Mozart's home welcomes 2014.

Frank Sinatra, Jr. (and Don’t You Forget It!)

Singing each lyric as if it were the first time.

Will “Bullets Over Broadway” Shoot Close? Plus Two Blind Items

Sexy boy-toys vs. handsome young companions

Tight Economy Foils Reprise, Symphony Gets Reprieve

LA theatre shutting doors, but Nashville orchestra stays afloat.

Sparkling Festivals and Dark History

Arts celebrations buffer revelations of wartime Nazis in the Vienna Philharmonic.
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Herman Cain (and Republicans Unable)

And then there was Jerry Falwell, Jr., with his open pants, evangelical FUPA and his hands veering into prime side-boob territory with -- hey, doesn't she have a name?