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Coke Addiction in “Kyle” Takes a Powder and Laughs

Kyle is Jack’s inner addict. And Hollis James's inner addict, too.

Playwright Greg Kotis Presents “Lunchtime” of the Soul

From the "Urinetown" co-creator, an absurdist, existential, pseudo-psycho office thriller.

“Enterprise,” Brian Parks’ New Play, Skewers Insanity, Inc.

A world in which most things assumed to be constant may not be any longer.

ShakesBEER: Raise a Glass to a Pint-Sized Bard

The Bard, the bars, the booze: much ado about something.

Resisting Tr(i)umphalism? Consider Cross-Cultural Theatergoing

Theater helped me get a better understanding of the world and become an observer.

“Pop!”-Up Theater Extends Venues and Audience Experiences

Kelly Kerwin considers theatrical space and performance with an LMDA grant initiative.

Theater Is Immersed in Caffeine at a Harlem Coffee Shop

In a gentrifying neighborhood "Full City+" evokes nostalgia for the great ’70s sitcoms .

NYC Alt Theater Keeps Baring All

Naked bodies on Downtown stages have come to signify more than liberation or sex.

Semicolon Theatre Offers Young Artists a Stage

How two young women in high school made theater history.

With Elections Looming, FringeNYC Pitches the Political

Of 26 political plays in FringeNYC, here are thoughts on five.

Gorilla Theater: 26 Years Later an Actor Returns to the Park

Sometimes life brings you back to the exact same spot you were standing in before.

Now in FringeNYC: An Election Year “Dream Ticket”

A new political play on the GOP -- and what America deserves.

Sex on Stage? You Better Know Your Reitz

"We’ve all seen manipulative and inept plays, but this was a first."

Gideon Productions Marches Forward with “Universal Robots”

We tell the story...We tell the story...We tell the story...

Inside Theatre 167’s “You Are Now the Owner of This Suitcase”

Imagine about how much space a play can take up in the world.

The Best Theatre of 2015 Looks Forward to 2016

Theirs is the kind of highly personal theatre that makes living in New York worth it.

Does Jake Robards Look Like a Skanky Politician?

"Who is the good guy and who is the bad guy?"

In a World Game for War, Recalling a Game for Peace

A nice idea, and "most likely a correct one."

“Love, Sex and Death in the Amazon” (and New York)

Cultures, races, religions, peoples, genders and sexualities smashed against each other.

Fangs a Lot: Steven Dietz, Three Day Hangover and “Dracula”

Tears in his eyes. Hunger in his heart.
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Herman Cain (and Republicans Unable)

And then there was Jerry Falwell, Jr., with his open pants, evangelical FUPA and his hands veering into prime side-boob territory with -- hey, doesn't she have a name?