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The Third-Party Debate: Candor, Caring and Clarity

Four presidential candidates, basically silenced by major media, publicly state their cases.

Entertation Index, March 14-25: Hey, I Can See Julianne Moore From...

And dish on Chris Brown, Duran Duran, Lady Gaga, Rob Lowe, Taylor Swift and Justica Timberbiel

Culture Wars: Hidden Cameras, Prank Calls and Surreptitious Media

The Gov. Walker prank call, the NPR scandal: these surreptitious-media explosions aren't isolated incidents.

Open Letter to Keith Olbermann: Cover the Creative Economy

Without the creative economy, our nation is neither healthy nor hopeful, neither sophisticated nor safe.

Entertation Index, Feb. 14-18: Atlas Slumped

And dish on Kevin Smith, Jamie Foxx, Fantasia Barrino and, of course, Lauren Conrad.

Give Me a Lift! Thoughts on Plastic Surgery Apps

An app for colostomy bags?

Arts Advocacy Update 157: Sundance Sunset?

A distillation of Arts Watch, the weekly e-blast of Americans for the Arts. This week: Palm Coast palmistry.

Arts Advocacy Update 156: Good Morning, Baltimore!

A distillation of Arts Watch, the weekly e-blast of Americans for the Arts. This week: Tough Texas ta-tas.

CBS’ ’60 Minutes’ Turns Government Mouthpiece

CBS should responsibly give its nearly 18 million viewers a two-sided view of a criminal court case, not a one-sided puff piece of good guy-bad guy.

Objecting to Objectivity and Other Journalistic Canards

In the face of Fox News' propaganda, the question has moved beyond objectivity in journalism.

Gorilla Rep — Thank You, Shakespeare! — Lands on ABC News

"I get multimillionaires and homeless people and everyone in between and they all laugh at the same things."

Bloomberg News Eviscerates NYU’s Expansion Plans

"...a yellow-brick, 26- story dormitory that pierces the Greenwich Village sky like a jaundiced thumb."

Media Alert: Leonard Jacobs on FoxNews.com’s The Strategy Room, Dec. 8,...

Afghanistan, the economy -- all Obama is bad may be the GOP party line, but I'll be setting them right.

Media Alert: Leonard Jacobs on FoxNews.com’s The Strategy Room, Nov. 9,...

With Republicans determined to destroy Obama, I'll opt in and offer some views.

Fallout from Fox News?

Conservatives sent me email. First, disagreeing. Then, hating.

New Article: Obama — Super Summitteer: FOX Forum Contributors Weigh In

We have a president keenly, inexorably aware of the damage, the havoc, that his precedessor wreaked upon our foreign policy and global brand.

Another Problem with Theatre Criticism II

Martin Denton has a great post today on the reasons why theatre critics do what they do. While we're friends and colleagues, Martin wouldn't...

Another Problem with Theatre Criticism

Another problem with theatre criticism, it seems to me, can be neatly encapsulated by an examination of Adam Feldman's review of A Bronx Tale....
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Herman Cain (and Republicans Unable)

And then there was Jerry Falwell, Jr., with his open pants, evangelical FUPA and his hands veering into prime side-boob territory with -- hey, doesn't she have a name?