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New Review: Baking With Bertha

This slice-of-cooking-life solo show stars a well-padded grandmother who celebrates butter and offers parodies of right-wing bugaboos. Dig in!

terraNOVA Names Seven Playwrights to Groundbreakers Group

Seven playwrights, six months, three table reads -- new theater.

Gayfest NYC Accepting Submissions for Spring 2010 Festival

Young and emerging writers, as well as experienced and professional playwrights and composers, are encouraged to submit their work.

‘Culinary Throwdown’ Planned for Off-Off-Broadway Show

A not-so-Pillsbury cook-off for Off-Off-Broadway companies.

5 Questions I’ve Never Been Asked: Nick Brennan and Luke Jones

Members of the creative team behind the twice-extended Thank You For Being a Friend talk about parody laws and Estelle Getty's hemorrhoids.

Subjective Theatre Co. Announces 2009-10 Season, All Performances Free

A wide range of politically and socially relevant theatre for free.

Danny Masterson Headed for the New York Stage — Well, Privately,...

Steven Hyde in a real Jekyll of a play.

New Review: Etty

Despite direction by Austin Pendleton, none of Etty's various attributes are necessarily translated into solid action.

New Review: Wildflower

It's challenging to identify true beauty among so many weeds.

Cast Announced for Lincoln Center Theater’s “In the Next Room or...

Charge your batteries: Ruhl's "vibrator" play is headed our way.

Amid 12,000 Summer Festivals, “Beyond the Pale” Limns Libidos

Wear the most "Beyond the Pale" costume and win two free tickets.

5 Questions I’ve Never Been Asked: Adam Klasfeld

Twain said that only the dead have free speech. In Klasfeld's play, that's precisely the point.

5 Questions I’ve Never Been Asked: Lisa Ramirez

How we process our lives and the experience we have had.

Should Playwrights Just Write — or Write for Producers?

It's only a play -- unless you're looking for a commercial production. Right?

5 Questions I’ve Never Been Asked: Brian Dykstra

Someone once asked Brian Dykstra if he thought he was getting better as a playwright. He thought it was a strange thing to ask.

5 Questions I’ve Never Been Asked: Marc Palmieri

Levittown uses Palmieri's grandfather's war story for dramatic fodder. He died June 3 in his Levitt house --the play's first day of rehearsal.

On Women Playwrights and the Soft Bigotry of High Expectations

By dint of possessing a penis, I'm not responsible for what other men may have done.

Cast Announced for Lincoln Center Theater’s “Broke-Ology”

In the summer of one king's death, the King family is another direction for audiences to focus.

Five Finger Exercise: “Los Grumildos” Arriving at HERE Arts Center

Dying to spend some time with plasticine-made hyperrealist automatons? Here you go.
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Is 2020 Another 1968 — or Civil War?

A Minneapolis cop knelt on the neck of George Floyd neck for eight minutes and 26 seconds. Now Coward Donald, hiding in his bunker, calls for oppression.