Monday, September 23, 2019
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Engagement Is Busting Out All Over

Artists, audiences, arts organizations -- oh my.

Should 21st Century Artists Be “Performing Policy”?

Artists have always had a hard time making a living.

Dying with Dignity; or, Euthanasia for the Performing Arts

Arts leaders agree privately. But they won’t say it publicly.

Message to Cultural Groups: Rent, Don’t Buy!

Moving past the paradox of cultural ownership.

When Artists Expect to Earn a Living

Disruptive digital technologies: still turning the sector upside down.

Arts Funding: To Please, to Provoke or to Serve?

What if we only support art serving the political and economic goals of those in charge?

Yo, Obama! How About a Chair for the NEA?

Sign this petition. Please.

What’s $504 Billion to the Arts?

More arts fiscal impact data that people will ignore.

Here We Go Again: Take Your NEA Battle Cry and Shove...

Can we think outside of the traditional arts advocacy box?

Business Model: The Next Frontier

In the 20th century, theatre innovation focused on "isms;" the 21st will focus on business

On the Future of American Symphonies

Frumpy programming doesn't make for successful orchestras.

Sequester, the Arts, and Seniors

Artists to take a hit, elderly artists even more.

Notes on Becoming an Independent Theater Artist

Part II of an interview with Scott Walters.

Depression-era Art and State Funding Cuts

A Smithsonian exhibit crosses struggling America to miserly Wisconsin.

NEA Offers Media Arts Grants

Funding up to $100,000; March and August deadlines.

Scott Walters on the Importance of Rural Theater

Should cities share their arts funding with rural areas?

Unicorns Unite: Another Call for a Secretary of Culture?

The arts in America is bigger than one voice.

Advice to the Next Chair of the National Endowment for the...

Four principles to be evangelized.

The Arts and the 2012 Democratic Convention

Our generation must decide if government directly helps finance the arts.

Romney May Try to Scrap Arts, Humanities and PBS

Killing cultural funding is the far right's traditional wild call.
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