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Thelma Golden Is Too Good for the Obama Museum

Presidential museums are corrupt propaganda. Can Golden transcend that?

John Singer Sargent Captures Henry James in Oils

The superb portraitist achieves two versions of his novelist friend in one sitting.

Architecture vs. Art at Gehry’s Fondation Louis Vuitton

What is the real focus at the Frank Gehry-designed Fondation Louis Vuitton?

How to Get Married in Kate Moss’s Galliano

"Wedding Dresses: 1775-2014" is on view at the Victoria and Albert Museum.

Would Greek EU Exit Create a Global Domino Effect?

Fasten your seat belts.

Henri Matisse: What Cut-Outs, What a Cut-Up!

A last chance to see the master artist's glorious final works.

Vienna Honors a Doyenne, Chides Discrimination

Elisabeth Orth cited for lifetime work, and Vienna burgeons with celebrity.

Robert Gober Gets Uncanny at MoMA

The artist's 40-year retrospective shows the complexity and depth of his work.

Irregular Museums and Questioning Mozart

From the Art House Museum to the Josephinum, Vienna offers enlightening exhibits. And conductor Harnoncourt examines three of Amadeus's symphonies.

The State of Sept. 11 Commemoration in Lower Manhattan

What it feels like at the Memorial, the Museum and the new World Trade Center tower.

Marina Abramovic Woos the Critic — and Wins

The artist seduces a formerly skeptical critic at her London show, 512 Hours.

Genzken’s Art, Genet’s Drama, Amy Winehouse Remembered

Vienna's excitement includes linguistic debate and artist Alex Katz's donation.

When Art Venues (Might, But Probably Won’t) Attack

Bravely signing waivers to have a vaguely extraordinary artistic experience.

Exhibition Offers Digital Design Utopia

Digital technology and manufacturing can change the world.

The Late Isabella Blow: Fashion Icon and Trendsetter

Somerset House exhibition celebrates the arbiter of avant-garde fashion.

Improv and ArtsEdTech with The Engaging Educator

People think "improv" equals "standup" – so not true. Improv is all about communication.

Nashville Jazz Workshop Pays Homage to the Greats

Clifford Brown and Max Roach were innovators and geniuses.

Cultural Artifacts Are Not Natural History

Welcome to the Hall of Self-Important and Racist European Diasporic Peoples.

Celebrating Holidays with Opera and Art

From live-streaming opera to Art Week 2013, Vienna sparkles with culture.

Politics and Paintings Stir Vienna

A theater usher rebels, and Lucien Freud and Emil Nolde reign.

‘Working Woman’: Humans First, Gender Second

Can women and men work together? Yes, says Israeli filmmaker Michal Aviad -- when the roots of sexual harassment are finally rooted out.
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