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The Art and Politics of the Flip-Flop

It seems that each election year, presidential candidates find out the hard way that their personal belief may not align with the voters they are courting.

How Donald Trump Proves America’s Greatness

The Emperor is standing next to an orange-haired, fear-mongering, racist buffoon.

Can We All Get Along? A Plea to Bernie and Hillary...

Please get a grip on reality. I am not the enemy.

What’s a Brokered Convention? Will the GOP Have One?

When primaries, caucuses and voter choice goes out the window.

Mike Huckabee’s Politics of Divisiveness

According to Huckabee, being a real American has nothing to do with what you inherently be

Ron Paul: Washington’s Peacenik Nemesis

As Obama and Congress mire us deeper into endless war, Ron Paul and his cohorts will keep shouting.

Time for a Hillary Clinton “Checkers” Speech?

What does Hillary stand for, anyway?

El Papa Nuevo and the GOP

Could the newly elected pope be the Republicans' gift from god?

Demographonomics and the Fiscal Cliff

A detached, politically correctless look at the forces growing the economy in the years ahead.

The Grand Old Party’s Over. Maybe.

The Republicans can never win a presidency with a minority of the citizenship.

Will You Make Obama and Congress Produce Change?

A look at challenges awaiting you now, and in the next four years.

Puppets to Take Over the World, Starting in Washington, DC

A Million Puppet March on Washington. A call to action for the rest of us.

Will “Nones” Elect the Next President?

Pew survey shows the "religiously unaffiliated" carry political power.

The CFR Attends the Hofstra Presidential Debate

Welcome back Mr. President. Obama practically danced on stage last night.

Who Won the Presidential Debate? Edward Bernays!

Modern propaganda's papa conceived two parties, manipulating masses.

Rep. Paul Ryan’s Math Class: Lesson 1

So what loopholes do you want to get rid of, Rep. Ryan?

Mitt’s Italian Leather Shoe in Mouth Problem

For the first time, the country finally saw a glimpse of the real you and it scared us.

Five Realities the Convention Speakers Wouldn’t Reveal

You'll have to make "leaders" face these vital issues.

Can I Get Some Freedom Fries with That Chick-fil-A?

Will the fast-food firm's controversy stay unwrapped in the months to come?
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Herman Cain (and Republicans Unable)

And then there was Jerry Falwell, Jr., with his open pants, evangelical FUPA and his hands veering into prime side-boob territory with -- hey, doesn't she have a name?