Monday, June 24, 2019
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The Corrupt Price of “Free” Speech in America

Will the FCC control access to all venues of free speech and communication?

Ronan Farrow’s Resume

His poor showing on MSNBC shows why qualifications matter.

The Play’s the Thing to Censor the King

PBS irrationally blips Christopher Plummer's "Barrymore."

Architect Schmarchitect…Media, Edit Yourself

Dubbing Karl Rove an "architect" enshrines the unworthy and demeans a dedicated profession.

How Much is Bea Arthur in the Window?

Stories about flashy, big-money art sales are the Nancy Grace of arts reporting.

Show Us Your Boobs! (I Mean Talent)

How are teenagers exploring their sexuality supposed to decipher when is it "OK to show their boobs?"

An article about nothing….but it could be something.

So, in this age of media overload, how does society cope? Gangnam Style of course.

Techno-Socialism: Coming Sooner Than You Think

Is it time to tax the technology that replaces employees?

The Fog of Foreign Policy

The lame-stream media has covered the Libyan TERROR attacks with the enthusiasm of a drug addict forced into rehab.

Obama Expands His Power over Internet, Media

Through an executive order, he takes emergency control of America's communications.

Culture Wars: Hidden Cameras, Prank Calls and Surreptitious Media

The Gov. Walker prank call, the NPR scandal: these surreptitious-media explosions aren't isolated incidents.

Open Letter to Keith Olbermann: Cover the Creative Economy

Without the creative economy, our nation is neither healthy nor hopeful, neither sophisticated nor safe.

The Social Media Presence of All 56 State Arts Agencies (Updated)

AZ's agency has 3,790 Friends. @CO_Creatives has 2,912 Followers. And more.

Objecting to Objectivity and Other Journalistic Canards

In the face of Fox News' propaganda, the question has moved beyond objectivity in journalism.
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