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New Documentary Spotlights Drama Behind US v. Windsor

The story behind the story of the most important gay-rights legal decision of our time.

Why a 1947 Opera About Susan B. Anthony Feels Right Now

History comes around again in surprising ways. Places fall apart and are put back together. People come together, go away, and come back again....

The Passion of Kim Davis, County Clerk

Kim Davis isn't fully following the Bible if she's issued marriage licenses to divorced people.

The Myopic Politics of Gay Marriage

The focus on marriage equality ignores other, even more important, queer political agendas

Marriage Equality for GOP America? What a Trip!

Thanks for flying Intolerant Airlines!

An Open Letter to Hillary Clinton on Progressivism

Please remember, Madame Secretary, that liberal policies are, in fact, popular.

Gay Marriage, Obamacare, Facebook, Fish: SCOTUS Is Back!

The moral? Never, ever tell a fish story again.

Republican Steve Wiles and Mona, His Alter Ego

The anti-gay Republican from North Carolina once worked as a female impersonator

AR Judge is Civil Rights Hero Over Marriage Equality

We need more people like Judge Piazza in Washington, DC.


The second big decision was to show Prop 8 the door.

Angelina Jolie, Gay Marriage, and Voting Rights

The Supreme Court this term weighs very human issues.

Guns, Gays, and God

The NRA clamors to arm everybody, the High Court considers gay marriage, and the pope cleanses feet.

Five U.S. Supreme Court Decisions to Watch in 2013

The high court will impact affirmative action, voting rights, gene patenting, gay marriage, and DNA testing of suspects.

With NY State Senate Likely Red, Is Marriage Equality Doomed?

With Democrats like these, we might as well clone Jesse Helms.

Marriage Equality to Take Center Stage, June 14

A unique opportunity to participate in an essential rite of citizenship.

One Republican’s Case for Marriage Equality

Most evolved individuals understand Proposition 8 is a belligerent, discriminatory, cruel, uncivil, hypocritical, disgusting, indefensible, hate-inducing law.

Broadway Hops on the Bus for the National Equality March

With Charlotte St. Martin, the Broadway League's executive director, making $340,105 last year, couldn't she sponsor a bus for marriage equality?

Homophobic Bigots Want a Prop 8, Called Prop 1, in Maine....

Proposition 1 -- creating a culture of homophobia in Maine -- could well pass when voters consider it this November.

“Hair,” Marriage Equality, Politics on Broadway: The True Meaning of “Equality”?

Who in Billy Elliot or In the Heights favors marriage equality? Why not let them speak at the "mobilization" rally, too?

What I Got Out of My Lunch with the New NEA...

In June 2018, President Trump appointed Mary Anne Carter to be Acting Chair of the National Endowment for the Arts. The press at the...
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