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A Brown Paper Ticket to Ride? And Should You Care?

Ticket services won't cure the world's ills. But a good one could help nonprofit producers.

The Great Broadway Swindle, the Williamsburg Yeti and Nederlander China

Celebrating and questioning the fiscal status quo of the Great White Way.

Broadway’s Serino Coyne Gets Down, Shakes Booty, Enters the Party Business

How do you score entree to all those parties, hm?

Music Videos for Broadway? Yes, of Course. And Yes, But.

No one idea will revolutionize Broadway marketing. But music videos are a start.

B’way PR Giant Boneau/Bryan-Brown Flatters CF Report with ‘5 Questions’

With deference, to be sure, to the great, if largely forgotten, Charles Caleb Colton.

A Raw Riff On the “Sorry State” of Stage Photography

What if the photo shoot is set for the first week, before any rational actor can claim an internal and external mastery of their role?

SE Michigan Launches “Cultural Concierge”

A major new effort to stimulate the arts economy of Michigan.

The Fox Forum Runs CFR Story: NBC and Bon Jovi —...

Fox runs the CFR's article: Is NBC's Artist-in-Residence deal with Bon Jovi but a euphemism for "multichannel promotional deal?"

What Does Being “Artist-in-Residence” for a TV Network Really Mean?

As NBC's "artist-in-residence," Jon Bon Jovi will appear exclusively on the network in many ways. When he guests on "Saturday Night Live," then, does that constitute product placement?

Involved with 2009 Free Night of Theater? Enjoy an “Audience Retention”...

Target Resource Group is offering an Audience Retention workshop to participants in the 2009 Free Night of Theater.

What Jordan Roth’s Ascension Could Mean for Independent Theater in New...

Watch Jordan Roth's actions as well as his words.

‘Culinary Throwdown’ Planned for Off-Off-Broadway Show

A not-so-Pillsbury cook-off for Off-Off-Broadway companies.

MITF, Scooping Other Major Festivals, Unveils Mobile-Marketing Push

Is mobile the way of theater? MITF thinks so.

On Lincoln Center Theater and Arthritic Demographics

Well, if you read between the lines in this piece in the New York Sun, it seems as if Lincoln Center Theater artistic director...
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Herman Cain (and Republicans Unable)

And then there was Jerry Falwell, Jr., with his open pants, evangelical FUPA and his hands veering into prime side-boob territory with -- hey, doesn't she have a name?