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The ’80s Sequel No One Wants, Starring POTUS and the Veep

The guy in the jacket isn't Michael J. Fox.

Issues, Opponents Challenge Hillary Clinton From the Left

MD Gov. Martin O'Malley will have a leg up on challengers to Ms. Clinton.

Conservative Politics: Manipulative, Un-American, Successful

Propaganda and cynical use of potent symbols can sway voters.

I Wish Liberals Would Act Like Liberals

Civilization's salvation may depend on behaviors of "real liberals."

Talk Dirty About Me

Am I a liberal? Don't call me illiberal. Am I a progressive? Don't call me regressive.

Just for Kicks: The Repeal Follies

I have no idea what the GOP wants. I haven't found anything to tell me what their plan is.

Sen. McCain: Prisoner of War Against the Gays

A long, long time ago, on a planet much like our own, Sen. McCain was actually a very tolerant man -- a maverick, if you will.

Mental Defective Glenn Beck Assails NYC’s Brecht Forum

Will the cultural community in New York respond to Beck effectively? Or only half-hearted?

Fallout from Fox News?

Conservatives sent me email. First, disagreeing. Then, hating.

Leonard Jacobs on Fox News — on the ‘Desecration’ of the...

To excoriate an individual's right to exercise free expression is, in the end, to fetishize and to rhapsodize tyranny.

Performing Arts Publisher Glenn Young Releases Blistering Anti-Bloomberg Essay

How is it that we can spend eight years and the better part of a trillion dollars defending the principle of democracy in a couple of countries halfway around the world, but not in our own city?

5 Questions I’ve Never Been Asked: Jesse Alick

Oskar Eustis and Suzan-Lori Parks are the kind of people that if you sent them an email or called them up, they would answer.

Burke’s Law XI: The Lion Sleeps Tonight

Without the pressure of constant expectations, Kennedy was free to pursue the causes that really mattered to him.

R.I.P. Sen. Edward Kennedy, 1932-2009: A Video Tribute

No, Senator, the dream shall indeed never die.

5 Questions I’ve Never Been Asked: Adam Klasfeld

Twain said that only the dead have free speech. In Klasfeld's play, that's precisely the point.
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Which President Ignored Bounties on Our Murdered Soldiers?

Either the ignoramus president was told the intelligence and did nothing about it or no one on his staff told him. Which sounds worse?