Friday, October 18, 2019
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League of Independent Theater Unveils Fundraising Initiative with BC/EFA

During June, NYC indie companies will funds for Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS.

Rep. Barney Frank to “TalkOut” at “The Temperamentals”

Sit in the audience with a Democrat unafraid to kick the daylights out of the craptastic Republicans.

Happy St. Pat’s Day! Give to the Int’l Dublin Gay Theater...

The International Dublin Gay Theater Festival is no blarney.

Of Gay Rights and Wrongs

The right-wing is ratcheting up anti-gay cultural warfare. The only way for pro-rights supporters to respond is with ordinance of equal or greater destruction.

5 Questions I’ve Never Been Asked: Joel Derfner

I've lost count of the number of people who've said to me, 'You're writing a musical about what?'

One Republican’s Case for Marriage Equality

Most evolved individuals understand Proposition 8 is a belligerent, discriminatory, cruel, uncivil, hypocritical, disgusting, indefensible, hate-inducing law.

5 Questions I’ve Never Been Asked: Jeffrey Solomon

"Someone asked me if I have a sexual thing for Santa Claus," says Solomon. "And the answer is NO."

Taylor Mac’s “Lily’s Revenge”: A Flowery Adventure in Five-Part Harmony

Going to the theater is about practicing your emotions. You do it so when something like 9/11 happens, you don't act irresponsibly.

5 Questions I’ve Never Been Asked: Steve Hayes

"Something a straight man might assume...might seem ridiculous to a gay man or vice versa," says Steve Hayes.

5 Questions I’ve Never Been Asked: Mimi Imfurst

She has no interest in "run-of-the-mill drag impersonations" like Barbra, Judy and Cher. That's why Mimi Imfurst does Anne Frank, Jon Benet Ramsey, Anna Nicole Smith, Terri Schiavo and the Virgin Mary.

Broadway Hops on the Bus for the National Equality March

With Charlotte St. Martin, the Broadway League's executive director, making $340,105 last year, couldn't she sponsor a bus for marriage equality?

Homophobic Bigots Want a Prop 8, Called Prop 1, in Maine....

Proposition 1 -- creating a culture of homophobia in Maine -- could well pass when voters consider it this November.

The State of the Matthew Shepard Act and “The Laramie Project:...

Tell your Senators and Representatives to vote yes on the Matthew Shepard Act. Unless you're a Republican and thrill to the murder of homosexuals.

The Lesson(s) of the Great Doric Wilson

Had he not been forcibly removed from academia, Doric Wilson might never have met Joe Cino...

“Hair,” Marriage Equality, Politics on Broadway: The True Meaning of “Equality”?

Who in Billy Elliot or In the Heights favors marriage equality? Why not let them speak at the "mobilization" rally, too?

New Review: America’s Next Top Bottom: Cycle 5!

More of an extended cabaret sketch than Fringe theater, at least these game performers know the drill-very, very well.

Gayfest NYC Accepting Submissions for Spring 2010 Festival

Young and emerging writers, as well as experienced and professional playwrights and composers, are encouraged to submit their work.

Theatre Critic Richard Zoglin is Not — We Repeat, Not —...

He comes out about this, if you will, in his review of The Little Mermaid in Time. Frankly, it is quite possibly the strangest example...

The Terrible Irony of the Boy Scouts, Homophobia, and Pedophilia

I'm curious how many people read an article in Thursday's Times headlined "Boy Scouts Lose Philadelphia Lease in Gay-Rights Fight." In essence, the City...
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