Friday, October 18, 2019
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Defining Diversity Down: The Meaning of Jesse Green

In an article in Exeunt Magazine (featuring, among others, CFR contributor Martha Wade Steketee), there's a thoughtful roundtable that gently laments the hiring of...

A Nuanced View of Free Speech

The First Amendment doesn't guarantee anyone a book deal.

All Hail, Emperor Trump! Pssst, Rome Is Burning!

We must take our own safety -- and liberation -- into our own hands.

Powerful Exhibition of LGBTQ Artists “On The Inside”

Exquisite drawings by incarcerated LGBTQ artists at Abrons Arts Center.

NYC Alt Theater Keeps Baring All

Naked bodies on Downtown stages have come to signify more than liberation or sex.

11th Hour Party People: Monstah Black’s “Hyperbolic!”

The queer multidisciplinary performance is the centerpiece of HOT! Festival.

Vengeance Is Mine: Paula Vogel’s “Indecent”

The back story of a "shonda for the goyim."

“The 100” and the Toxic Tropes of Romantic Comedy

Not everyone gets told their relationship fantasies will come true.

Why Social Justice Conversations Get Exhausting

I won't be manipulated anymore.

Estranged Interlude: “Our Mother’s Brief Affair” on Broadway

This problem with this play is more than its execution.

Hard to Swallow: How Long Is Too Long in the Avant-Garde?

Two great tastes that when tasted together add up to a lot of white privilege.

The Passion of Kim Davis, County Clerk

Kim Davis isn't fully following the Bible if she's issued marriage licenses to divorced people.

“Encanta”: Choosing Life When Surrounded By Death

Latin LGBT characters as vivid, colorful and dynamic -- not tragic.

Donald Trump and the Triumph of The American Bogeyman

Trump exploits the racist, nativist and ugly side of the American psyche.

Singing the Same-Sex Wedding Bell Blues Part 2

HIV is the madwoman in our collective queer attic.

Cis Women and Drag Queens and Porn – Oh My!

A woman and a drag queen as gay-porn power players is an unexpected development.

Singing the Same-Sex Wedding Bell Blues

Will the "white men's club" now throw the rest of us under the limo?

The Myopic Politics of Gay Marriage

The focus on marriage equality ignores other, even more important, queer political agendas

Marriage Equality for GOP America? What a Trip!

Thanks for flying Intolerant Airlines!

A Playwright Called Vanda

Part novel, part old-time radio program, part play, part nightclub entertainment.
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