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Mask? What Mask? On Being Free to Infect You and Me

On this episode, we also discuss Tara Reade -- and no, not Tara Reid of drunken exploits and "American Pie" and "Sharknado."

In COVID-19 America, We All Looked Like Yaks

Even if President Coronavirus became our dictator, he'd be a terrible one because everything he touches dies. Just ask 30,000+ Americans.

Last Sunday We Said, “So Many ‘B’ Candidates, So Little Time”

Remember when Pete Buttigieg, Amy Klobuchar, Michael Bloomberg and Elizabeth Warren hadn't bowed out? Yeah, that was Sunday.

The Art and Politics of the Flip-Flop

It seems that each election year, presidential candidates find out the hard way that their personal belief may not align with the voters they are courting.

Biden Is Really the Best Democrats Can Do?

After the supposed front-runner's no-good, very very bad week, it's an open question.

Biden Our Time as the 2020 Democratic Primary Gets Hot

On our new podcast episode, summing up the Biden launch, mourning hate, and a quiz!

Democrats, Don’t Eat Your Candidates — Groom Them

A vigorous primary makes for a more durable candidate.

Our Endless Election Season Already Feels So…Endless

We only have 21 months -- 600+ days, 800,000+ minutes -- to go. Yay.
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