Tuesday, November 12, 2019
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Triangle Shirtwaist Burns with ‘Fire in My Mouth’ Oratorio

An infamous tragedy inspires a monument to immigrants and their American struggle.

How America Could Change, Along With the Climate

Recognizing that our climate is really changing is only half the battle. There's what to do about it.

Huaywasi: How Artisans Are Changing the Fashion Industry

An interview with the Program Director of Huaywasi, a fair-trade artisan project.

Atlanta Actor Lee Osorio: Aspiring to Affordable Apartments

Even with plenty of work, artists in Atlanta still struggle to find homes they can afford.

Looking for a Job in Theater? Chicago Is Hiring!

Provide a salary history starting with your third-grade allowance.

Democrats, You Have Your Chance: Go Progressive.

This is not the sort of thing one suggests lightly or normally.

Trump Is Making My Clients (and Me) Ponder Career Change

We're inspired to imagine careers and lives that provide help others will need now.

Why Artists Should Sell Out

It's okay for artists to prioritize revenue. Really.

Melkis Alvarez-Baez’s Passion for Nonprofit Work at NPCC

Interview with a nonprofiteer who just cannot get enough nonprofit management!

Why Nonprofits Must Embrace, Not Fear, Remote Work

With good management, flex work solves lots of problems.

Resources & Inspirations For Moms Relaunching Careers

"I’m still the same highly educated, ambitious woman — I just took a career break."

The Untenable Pressures on Higher Education

Three seismic shifts that are resetting the educational landscape.

Oh Canada: Arts Consulting Across the Border

If the U.S. was built on the melting pot, Canada was built on the salad bowl.

A Manifesto for Theaters and Interns: Part 2

Isn’t that why you’re in the industry anyway?

Sorry Not Sorry

No, I don't want kids, and I doubt I will change my mind. I also don't want to hang out wi

The Professional Development Two-Step

A few new tunes to change up a familiar dance.

The Corporate Coup Against Civil Society

Capitalism has been fatally corrupted by corporate interests.

Measuring Success in Performing Arts Facilities

Two key principles. One "Balanced Scorecard."

Baumol’s Cost Disease Is Killing Me!

Make no mistake about it: time is short.

Putin’s Speech Covered Far More Than Blasting U.S.

Putin’s American critique was acid indeed. But it wasn’t a Khrushchev shoe-pounding diatribe.
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