Wednesday, September 18, 2019
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Sony Greenlights “The Wimpinator,” Starring Kim Jong-Un

Thanks to you, Sony, the terrorists won.

A Menagerie of Kids’ Winter Hats

The children's hat industry goes zoo-mad.

America’s Major Misnomer: The USA Freedom Act

Freedom from government spying: part of the country’s past.

Please, FCC: Don’t Give up on Net Neutrality

The free press depends on it.

Obama’s NSA Worries: Money, Not Your Rights

What matters more? Your freedoms or IBM losing China contracts?

Whistleblowers, Activists Call on Intelligence Peers to Step Forward

Governments' "public enemies" see secrecy and lawlessness as the enemy.

Google Goes Constitutional, Globally

The mammoth reference site's Constitute offers 160 nations' basic-rights documents online.

Techno-Socialism: Coming Sooner Than You Think

Is it time to tax the technology that replaces employees?

Philippine National Artist Lumbera Opposes Cybercrime Law

Poet/playwright signs petition asking Supreme Court to scrap portions of new rule.

Philippine Cybercrime Law: E-Martial Law or Good Business?

Legislation mirrors governments' international efforts at Internet control.

Mining Google Street View for Art

Jon Rafman exhibits expressive images found in Google Street View.

Senate Bill Supports President’s Effort to Control the Internet

"Cybersecurity exchanges" and a new National Cybersecurity Council will monitor the Web.

Obama Expands His Power over Internet, Media

Through an executive order, he takes emergency control of America's communications.

Live-Streaming Play Production Announces Casting, DP

Passing the $10,000 mark on a Kickstarter campaign to coalesce theater and technology.

The Era of Live-Streaming Live Theater Has Arrived

Born of today's technology, a new paradigm could launch an entirely new dramatic form.

Week Ending July 30: A Flap About Tweeting at the Theater

Plus a discussion about endowments -- and how to tap them.

What If Someone Created Webisodes Out of Craigslist’s “Missed Connections”?

The material in the Missed Connections section of Craigslist is perfect for an actress...

The CFR Profiled by Startup Site that Profiles Startup Sites

Thank you to Jon O'Shaughnessy for giving the CFR a welcome boost.
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