Monday, November 11, 2019
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President Obama, Get Back In the Game!

Stop trying to win the game on your own.

A Bush Insider Cites War Crimes Against His President, VP

Justice keeps creeping in on W., Cheney and Rumsfeld.

Taking Action in Ukraine: Proceed with Caution

Supplying arms sounds so right, so easy. It works out so wrong, so often.

Obama in Free Fall: Asia Trip a Prep for War?

Tumbling in polls, the president tries to brace against China while saying he’s not.

Ukraine: Where Politics and Economics Again Part Ways

For the past 60 years, the U.S. has invested more money in its global neighbors than in its own people.

The Horrors of 377

India shocks the world by restoring an outdated colonial law criminalizing homosexuality.

Cultural Artifacts Are Not Natural History

Welcome to the Hall of Self-Important and Racist European Diasporic Peoples.

How Deep is Label Guilt After Bangladesh?

One clothes-horse wannabe fesses up.

U.S. Indicates Assange Not Under Sealed Indictment

After 3-year secret investigation, what are prosecutors, by leaking information, up to now?

Look Who’s Used Chemical Weapons

Maybe both sides in Syria, but the U.S. for sure through history.

Senator Assange?

Wikileaks founder/publisher, under diplomatic asylum, announces candidacy.

Schmidle in Kosovo: Anti-Albanian Libel Comes To “The New Yorker”

An open letter to the magazine condemning blood libel.

“Buffalo Must Die”: Making You Think

The inspiration behind Veverka Bros.' challenging documentary short.

Music City Baroque: Playing New World Music with Old World Grace

The program was structured like a traditional Mexican festival.

German Art Galleries Block EU VAT Rise

Nation's culture minister also opposes 12% tax increase.

Documenting “The Act of Killing”

The film is about "killers who have won, and the sort of society they have built."

Water Supply: State of the World

Latest global developments regarding our vital natural resource.

Malaysia’s High Court Nixes Borders Bookstore Prosecution

Calls JAWI's raiding the shop illegal.

“Mali? Why?” We’ll Whisper

Is this landlocked West African country our next Viet-ghanistan?

Poetry in Motion? No, Art Posted to Assange

Two artists track web-camera snail mail to London's Ecuadorian embassy.
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