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Wannabe Gov Opposes Nat’l Guard Invading Foreign Nations

A conservative gubernatorial candidate just says “No” to sending his state’s citizens into undeclared wars.

New Orleans on the Day of the Deluge, Illustrated

Neufeld’s much-awarded graphic novel chronicles Katrina and its aftermath.

Whistleblowers, Activists Call on Intelligence Peers to Step Forward

Governments' "public enemies" see secrecy and lawlessness as the enemy.

A Threat to Justice Everywhere

They should never see the sun again, and die alone.

American Majority Finally Opposes NSA Surveillance

Jimmy Carter: "America does not at the moment have a functioning democracy."

Benghazi vs The Entire Iraq Debacle

Congress, the cover-up you should have uncovered is Iraq criminal actions by the Bush Warriors.

Sandra Day O’Connor, J’accuse!

Let's all remember not to forget Bush v. Gore.

Death by Fiat

Washington appears ready to fell our Bill of Rights.

Drone Control: Secret Killings Take Center Stage

From the U.N. to D.C. to Seattle, unmanned surveillance/attack issues unfold.

The Culture of Conspiracy

If all the world's a stage, who writes the script?

A Farewell to Arms: Kucinich Briefing to Blast Drones Program

The veteran Congressman is leaving office with a war cry against endless war.

Green on Blue Is Not A Fashion Statement, People

Attacks on U.S. soldiers by Afghan security forces have steadily and alarmingly increased since 2009.

Big Brother Grows Fatter: House Approves FISA Amendments

Your Congressmembers want you wiretapped without a warrant. Kucinich, others oppose.

Nobel Winner Tutu Wants Bush, Blair Tried as War Criminals

But international political process would stifle justice effort.

“Bailout”: A Review of Neil Barofsky’s Boiling Book

Spiderman versus Goliath: The $23 trillion risk.

Less Than Half of Wiretap Arrests Result in Convictions

"War on terror" wiretaps remain unreported to the American public who pays for them, and is included in surveillance.

July 4: Our Independence Versus Today’s Emergency Powers

When can our country's chief executive--with Congress's concurrence--most likely become a tyrant?

George W. Bush’s ’05 Inaugural, the Deep Irony of Egypt and...

"To seek and support the growth of democratic movements and institutions in every nation and culture."

Will the U.S. Indict the Wikileaks Leader?

What could be looming is a decade of real digital revolution involving the public's right to know.

Books, Nooks and a Look Back at 2010

On a cold, wintry day, I want a really good book, not a plastic electronic humming Kin-Nook

Immersive Theater Brings Legendary Nellie Bly Back to Life

Remembering a period of history that was downright cruel, especially in regard to women's health -- and the woman who exposed it all.

América the Beautiful

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